back to article Sony Ericsson parades wireless audio dome

Stereo systems are fine if you’re a sound-quality perfectionist. But if ease of use, connectivity and style are your primary concerns then Sony Ericsson’s latest wireless speaker will catch your eye. SE_MBS900_02 Sony Ericsson's MBS-900 wireless speaker The 2.1-channel MBS-900 can connect to your mobile phone over …


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  1. Martin Lyne

    I doubt.. will be crystal clear sound as clearly a cat will end up sitting on it. Even if you don't own one they will hear about your expensive cat cushion and come from miles around to experience it. Apparently when they humanoid is home it even massages your furry cat-flanks.

    But seriously. Who's decor is that meant to blend with? It'd be nice if it had some sort of hook so you could sling it behind a LCD monitor or perma-open door or something. Out of eyeshot basically.

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