back to article iPhone users to get get-out call

iPhone users can now escape blind dates and boring business meetings thanks to a faked incoming call that urgently summons them elsewhere. The application comes from Magic Tap, and costs 99 cents, but for that money the cornered iPhone user can appear to receive a call from anyone they wish complete with caller ID and …


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  1. Neil Hoskins
    Thumb Up


    'Operation Bunbury', if anybody remembers their Wilde.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Continued iPhone bashing

    This news? So the "others" have had an app that does that for years, well done them for being around longer, shame on the iPhone for not having been released years ago!!

    Reg, seriously, your getting VERY boring with your blatant iPhone baiting and bashing.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    How is this news?!

    As you say, a fake incoming call- complete with ringtone, random "chatter" noise and even accurate pop-ups have been punted about for WM (and other) phones for years. There was, IIRC, even a service that let you do this.

    This is clearly just in because it's iPhone related.

    This is not news and I'm disappointed in El Reg for stooping to this level.

  4. Tim Croydon

    @Neil Hoskins

    Where do you keep your phone?

    "In a haaaaaaandbag?"

  5. andy gibson

    I'd imagine

    That it would the the other blind dater "making their excuses and leaving" to get away from an Apple fanboi who's entire conversation all evening would be how great their Apple products are.

    Mine's the flameproof one.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why spend the money?

    I just set my alarm tone to the standard nokia ringtone and schedule an alarm for +30 mins.

    Hypothetically speaking of course.

  7. Steve Sutton
    Jobs Horns

    I was about to complain...

    .... about this nonsense, when I actually read more of the article. Specifically "This capability, as is so often the case, has been available to users of other smartphones for years." You clearly know that this is not news.

    Why are you wasting our time with this nonsense! In what way is this especially newsworthy? Why do I only get to select 1 icon for this comment, when at least 5 of them are applicable!

    Why am I wasting my breath posting this comment? Is my work really so depressing that I have to resort to such displacement activities to get out of it? Why have I only just realised how stupid and irrelevant the phrase "wasting my breath" is? Where is the nearest suicide booth?

  8. Chris iverson


    Dear Reg,

    I lovingly look forward to your daily jesus phone bash. please continue


    a US Reg reader

  9. George Speller

    Phoney calls

    Isn't it time phones came with a selection of background fx - station/office/traffic etc? Anybody tried this?

    Now - did I leave my phone in my coat?

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Well at least the iPhone user now can pretend to have

    Friends :p

  11. T J

    Yup, please wipe the semen off the lens.....

    Please stop public felation of Apple, there is no shame in a one-spot-smaller home page.

    There IS shame in sucking up to a product line in the name of 'news'.

  12. Ascylto

    Oh, so close ...

    Right up to the last line ...

    then you showed the colour of your knickers!

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