back to article Fadell gets $300,000 golden handcuffs Apple deal

The former iPod daddy Tony Fadell will receive a hefty payout in his new “consultancy” role at Apple – where he’s also required to keep schtum about the company’s secrets. A US Securities and Exchange Commission 10-k filing has revealed that Fadell will be paid an annual salary of $300,000 until 24 March 2010 in his new role …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Done well.

    That's the sort of thing a lot more businesses should be thinking about.

    Yes keep your court magicians happy, they wield the magic, don't want them wielding their spell craft elsewhere.

  2. jai
    Jobs Halo

    the irony is lost on me

    i'm wondering where the irony is - the two cases are not the same

    in the first one, the guy left ibm and presumably broke a clause in his contract that says he has to have x-months of garden leave before begining employment elsewhere

    the ipod guy has announced he is stepping down, and apple have effectively given him an 18-month notice period. if he starts working for another company at xmas, then apple have a right to sue him

    once again the Reg is spinning an anti-apple angle on a story when one doesn't exist

  3. Martin Silver badge

    >the irony is lost on me

    Depends on the state - the gardening leave (unless they are paying for it) clause is illegal in California. Some states like massachusetts support it so strongly that anyone who ever worked there will be lucky to ever get another job.

  4. Mike Groombridge


    the Irony is that ibm are sueing a man for leaving with secert corporate data

    while apple are giving a guy in the same position $300'000

    in my view that's hardly anti apple or anti ibm maybe

    of course the irony could by the thought that ibm actually developing products of it's own and not just reverse engineering some one elses

    i find both the above ironic.

    of course the author is free to clarify the irony (of course these irony in explaining irony )

    ok i'll be good and shut-up now

  5. fluffy

    The real irony

    is that nobody here apparently knows what "ironic" means.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo

    All this talk of irony

    Has made me realize that I've forgotten to do my laundry this week. That aside I think this is a wise move on the part of Apple. As was stated by the AC above, when you have key players stepping down who have been the backbone of your key product it benefits you to do your best to keep them around and out of others sandboxes. I'm quite certain that every manufacturer with or thinking about a portable MP3 player would love to get Fadell on board. This is just Apple being smart and protecting their interests.

    Hell if I were the guy I'd happily take their 300K a year plus bennies for "consulting" IE: playing the PS3 with the kids all day and occasionally calling Jobs and asking what the weather is like.

  7. martinX
    Jobs Halo

    Big Blue iPods?

    I'm not sure what IBM's worried about. IBM makes big things, not teeny iPod-sized things. If Mr Papermaster (what a great name) was to put IBM's secrets to direct use in the iPod division, expect to see "the iPod Macro - three cubic feet of music-playing wonderment". Maybe he's just a smart guy and nerdy IBM is upset he's gone to play with the cool kids.

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