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Channel Five will arrive on free-to-air satellite broadcasting network Freesat in a couple of weeks. The launch date is Tuesday, 18 November, and when the signal appears, your Freesat set-top box - or telly if you have a Freesat-branded TV - will auto-install it among the list of channels, Freesat promised. The broadcaster …


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    Freesat gets Five?


    The reason I was holding back from buying is FINALLY resolved!!!


  2. Steve Evans

    I hadn't even noticed...

    I was too busy mourning the lack of Dave and UKTV History.

    If you think that's good, Humax have just announced their twin tuner Freesat PVR will be available at the end of the month.

  3. john loader

    Makes up for Freeserve

    Five has not been a great Freeserve supporter so I suppose this is their way out. When the switchover happens, many transmitters will not provide the Five channels at all (wonder if their advertisers know?). Here in N. Yorkshire, whilst I can get almost all Freeserve channels, Five and Fiver signals are so poor as to make watching impossible.

  4. James Le Cuirot



  5. Alex Walsh

    I for one welcome 5

    It now means whatever the weather, we can watch the main terrestrial channels:

    1) if the weather if clement, we have the choice of freeview, freesat or analogue

    2) if its raining hard, we can't watch freeview as the picture breaks up but the freesat and analogue broadcast work

    3) if its too windy we can still use freeview and analogue but the freesat loses its signal.

    Viva digital eh? The only broadcast we can get regardless of the weather is the analogue one thats being switched off in a couple of years. Heres hoping the boost to the digital signal is as hefty as promised.

  6. Jonathan Adams

    Five US and Fiver

    Just checked ... there aint enough capacity at the moment ...

    they're hoping to have the rest later when they budge the bingo channels off. (my interpretation)

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Stupid DOG

    My experience of 5 on Freeview:

    - Switches to channel

    - "Mmmmmm, it's got a DOG"

    - Deletes channel from EPG

    Now that no $ky box is required to receive 5 on satellite, the last option will be available to a lot more people. :-)

    Paris because.... well.... insert your own DOG joke.

  8. Glyn
    Thumb Up

    Actually yes

    "The reason I was holding back from buying is FINALLY resolved!!!"

    I live in a tv reception black hole, channel 4 is a distant dream let alone channel 5 and as there's nothing I really want to watch on most nights as I have no interest in soaps, reality tv and [insert season]watch.

    Now that mock the week's finished I only really watch bbc breakfast so I know exactly how late I am for work :P

    I do like to watch the US footy on 5, which my mum records for me which if I get one of these I'll now be able to do myself

    I've never been able to understand why you can get al-jazera on freesat but not channel 5...or BBC3 home of truly carp comedy and repeats of truly carp comedy

  9. Tom Adair

    Goes to show

    I didnt even notice that five was missing from the freesat lineup!

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I've had FreeSat from Sky for a year and have received Five for all of that time, Fiver and Five US for quite some time too (I didn't venture that far up the channel list previously...)

  11. Eyeball

    No Fiver

    Broadbandtvnews reports that "A spokeswoman for Freesat said that although there were discussions over the addition of Five’s additional services Fiver and Five US, no immediate launch was expected."

    So don't bank on them joining the party any time soon.

  12. Richard Lloyd

    And what about old Sky Digital boxes?

    Five, Fiver and Five US have never been broadcast in the clear on Sky Digital to my knowledge (the same was true of Channel 4, E4 and More 4 until very recently), so I'm guessing that this Freesat change also means that the Five channels will turn up in the clear on Sky Digital boxes on 18th Nov. Amazing that it's taken 11 years (i.e. since the launch of Channel 5 in 1997) for Sky Digital finally to broadcast all 5 main terrestrial channels in the clear! Is that pathetic or what?

  13. Alan Edwards
    Paris Hilton

    Fiver and Five US

    > Just checked ... there aint enough capacity at the moment ...

    Which is complete rubbish. The channels are on Sky at the moment, all they need to do is turn the encryption off.

    The real reason is either they don't have FTA rights for the programmes or they still have a while to go on the encryption contract with Sky.

    Paris - why not, I quite like that picture, plus even she probably knows that FreeSat is just the non-encrypted stuff on Astra 2.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "FreeSat from Sky" and "Freesat" are two different things.

    Freesat has FTA (Free to air) channels, "FreeSat from Sky" has FTV (Free to view) channels. This is down to the licencing agreements / contracts sky has with various providers - and is causing the hold up for Channel 4 HD on Freesat :)

    @Five US and Fiver

    ?! Its the same platform that Sky use?? Eg, channels dont have a channel broadcast from sky, and another broadcast for freesat (with the exception of C4, which is temporary), its the same sat on the same frequency, only issue is encryption due to licencing (see above).

  15. Andrew MacCormack


    The only reason to watch the channel(s) is House. But that's a damn good reason. It's also a bingo joke.

  16. John Styles

    2D or not 2D that is the question

    The issue with 5 US and Fiver will be that they will want to be on 2D which is a tighter beam than 2A so the signal doesn't leak too far (in theory)

  17. Dick Emery
    Thumb Down

    No C4 HD

    Still no C4 HD though.

  18. Jon Brindley
    Paris Hilton

    Freesat gets fibe?

    Anyone else notice that...?

  19. David Shaw

    C5 is FTA as of yesterday

    it comes up on some systems as "service 6335"

    but 'Channel' Five is now at 28.2 Astra 2D 10773 MHz Horizontal DVB-S 22MSPS 5/6FEC Transponder 45 S-ID 6335 VID 5400 AID 5401 (for those using generic FTA boxes) slightly ahead of the official launch.

    .....the coat with the parabolic hood please

  20. Mark Fraser
    Thumb Down

    Missing programmes

    At the moment it looks like not all programmes are available via the new FTA service.

  21. Michael Habel

    Germany thanks ya!

    [quote=David Shaw]it comes up on some systems as "service 6335"

    but 'Channel' Five is now at 28.2 Astra 2D 10773 MHz Horizontal DVB-S 22MSPS 5/6FEC Transponder 45 S-ID 6335 VID 5400 AID 5401 (for those using generic FTA boxes) slightly ahead of the official launch.

    .....the coat with the parabolic hood please[/quote]

    Receiving the Signal loud and clear over here in Frankfurt / Main with a Squish Dish (Selfsat-H10D), with my VDR (Gen2VDR), System. It's a shame that they're not showing House anymore the season ended last September. :(

    I suppose it's still on Fiver or Five US, but sadly it would appear that those Channels are still FTV and not FTA though...

    THE CHOICES THE CHOICES!!! What do I go for?

    Thumbs Up?



    Black Helicopter (TV-Licensing) Bloodly Vampieres sucked €300.00(EUR) from my account already for this Year alone! (e.g. GEZ)

    Pirate *see above*

    or Tux for my love of VDR??

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