back to article WoW accused of turning man's mind into 'living video game'

World of Warcraft creator Blizzard Entertainment's lawsuit against MDY Industries is getting a little dose of bat-shit insane before the case rolls to trial. The legal sideshow comes courtesy of the famously litigious inmate Jonathan Lee Riches, who accuses Blizzard's popular online game - in a hand-written legal filing (PDF …


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  1. Joshua Sugarman

    WoWs taken over my life

    I'm too addicted to WoW, it's hurrendous.

    But if I can go commit a crime and then sue Blizzard for it, WoW! (no pun intended... ok maybe a little)

    The guy is crazy obviously, seeing as he's filing the lawsuit. If he was going to lose touch with reality it would happen, whether it be due to a game, movie, song, picture, porn mag, who cares.

    Point is this is crazy, and I hope it doesn't hurt Blizzard!

  2. storng.bare.durid
    Thumb Up

    Errr.. WoW's not real?

    Funny, lately I've grown horns, a tail and a whole lot of fur.

  3. Matt

    crimes aplenty....

    ..if Blizzard doesn't sort out its flakey servers before the 13th.

    Roll on Wrath of the Lost Wife.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    new quests!

    i certainly don't remember any quests involving wandering around committing identity theft from the last time i played it

  5. Paul Murphy

    So if he 'lives' in WoW ...

    Why is he filing a lawsuit in RL??


  6. Paul Bottomley
    Paris Hilton


    I see El Reg, isn't listed in any of these law suits... about time you gave some credability to this rag by being sued by him..

    PH as she only knows of four suits . Spades, Clubs, Hearts and Diamonds

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    So you're allowed to file a lawsuit if you're in fact, totally derranged. Mind you, Jack Thompson and Francis E. Dec both prove that you can be a lawyer and be hilariously insane, so I guess all we need now is an insane judge, and we'll have the full set.

  8. Xander
    Thumb Up

    Faux News Would Be Rroud

    10 points for fitting in "hacker gangs". Perhaps he should include where the word "lulz" comes from. Double score if he drives a yellow van.

  9. Stephen
    Paris Hilton

    Its all Blizzard's fault

    OMG Blizzard turned me into a zombie, call in the lawyers! Ahh wait that event was cancelled days ago. (where was the coverage there El Reg? I would have loved to see a big fat article with added ....braaaaiiinsss...)

    Paris because well she has more brains than the man in the lawsuit and the lawyers backing him.

  10. Paul

    Thats complete rubbish!

    I play WoW and I'm fine!

    This guy is makin me like, ROFLMAO. Me an mi bare drood pal storng gona go gank dis n00b if he dont l2p soon.

    Ok. Perhaps I have been playing a little to much...

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I knew a girl ...

    I knew a girl who had a large letter "W" tattooed on each buttock.

    It didn't look much when she was standing up.........

    But when she bent over............WoW

  12. Patrick Ernst
    Jobs Horns


    The guy *must* be angling for early release based on either being a complete nutter or an irritating boil by filing complaint after complaint. The court clerks must get ticked off. If only he would use his powers for good instead of evil. :)

  13. JakeyC

    Vexatious Litigant?

    Does America not have the concept of a vexatious litigant, i.e. someone who is known to start frivolous and unnecessary legal proceedings?

  14. Robert

    How much WoW could he have played, exactly?

    Anybody got a link to his actual sentencing date, because he may have been in prison prior to the game's release date. He's in on a 10 year sentence, and scheduled for release in 2012, WoW was released in late '04. If anything could make this story better, that would be IT!

  15. Erik Aamot

    nice prison !:)

    "Riches - who is in a South Carolina prison until 2012 for wire fraud"

    though a bit surprized, I think it's awefully nice for the penal system there to allow this mentally unbalanced man to play WoW rather than do his full time job (?!)

    however, shouldn't the dept. of corrections be named in the lawsuit for allowing him the access ?

  16. Nick Davey

    reply @ What!

    Surely she knows all about the birthday suit too!

  17. Anonymous Coward

    Isn't the key to the whole lawsuit...

    That he CHOSE to play WOW instead of working his job? So this weak-minded fool can't distinguish good from bad or fantasy from reality. Release him from prison but commit him full-time to a locked-down mental institution. He's admitted his guilt and proven his mental illness. Keep him institutionalized for his own good.

  18. Carl Carter

    @Nick Davey

    awww, beat me to it :(

  19. Psymon

    @ Vexatious Litigant

    Unfortunately, if the american courts were to take a stand against inane, surreal or riduculus lawsuits, it could cause another major finacial collapse as 90% of the American legal industry were made redundant.

    As entertaining as this particular story is, the topic has become distinctly passé, thanks to fat kids who don't know when to stop eating and people who are clearly new to the concept of opposable thumbs pouring hot coffee over themselves then suing various fast food chains.

    If the courts were to throw out every application that was deliberately misleading or had no clear grounds in reality, then we wouldn't be able to walk the streets for fear of Intellectual Property lawyers begging for change or mollesting our windscreens with muddy spunges.

    And let's face it. Who on earth would want to get that close to an IP lawyer without some form of heavy blunt instrument in their hand?

    Mines the one subpoena in the pocket!

  20. Simon B


    What a fking MUPPET.

    The simpsons made me kill my boy as Homer always strangels Bart.

    What a twat.

  21. Steve

    @ Paul Murphy

    "So if he 'lives' in WoW ...

    Why is he filing a lawsuit in RL??"

    His WoW character's playing a rpg where he's an attention-seeking minor criminal and jailhouse lawyer. He's obviously filing so many suits because he's trying to level up.

    Seriously though, I don't think this guy is crazy. I think he's just bored.

  22. Paul Segrue

    Similar experience

    I sypathise completely with the nutter...

    I have lived in the world of Manic Miner when I was a child, I did manage to escape the mines only to be traped in Elite space dodging Thargoid attacks while jumping through hyperspace for the next few years...

    Mines the white coat with the extra long arms...

  23. Inachu


    I think I saw him in Greymane durring an epic battleground fight in AV.

  24. Curtis

    re:Errr.. WoW's not real?

    What do you mean I have an octopus on my face?

  25. Gareth Jones Silver badge

    The problem is...

    ...that the courts do actually have to give it some consideration, even if they subsequently dismiss it. People filing frivolous papers to courts should be charged for the time the lawyers have to give it. That would discourage such frivolous nonsense.

    Is the guy a proper nutjob? Possibly. Maybe he's just the one piece short of a jigsaw, but these ridiculous court filings are just a hobby and he gets a kick out of wasting the courts' time.

  26. EJ
    Thumb Up

    "Gordon Gekko"

    He's "d/b/a Gordon Gekko". So Michael Douglas is caught up in this, too, since Riches is also spending time in "Wall Street", the movie.

  27. Andy Dodges

    Blame it on anyone but yourself

    ROFL seriously folks at NASA stop looking for intelligent life in space and please try to find some here cause this man has just lowered the entire human races IQ with just one statement.

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