back to article McCain pulls ahead in pharmaceutical spam

Barack Obama is ahead not only in the polls but where it counts the most - in spam messages. However, his presidential rival John McCain can claim his own guaranteed enlarged small victory. The Democrat candidate is the topic of 70 per cent more junk mail messages than his Republican counterpart overall. But McCain edges ahead …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    do you suffer from electile dysfunction?

    John McCain understands your pain...

  2. Pierre

    Hey, the man knows his electorate.

    See title.

  3. jacob


    I would have assumed it would be viagra or some other cure for an age related malady.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    My favorite pharmacy spam...

    ...was one which started out in a breathless doomsday rant about world markets crashing, stocks falling, banks failing, etc, followed by, "WHAT SHALL WE DO?!!!" - and then, of course, the kicker: "Mental stress is bad for your health. Buy antidepressants from our shop."


  5. mike


    poli meaning one

    tic blood sucking parasite

    so they should be connected with trogens viruses and other net nasties

    mine the one with skeptic written on the back

  6. yeah, right.

    not good

    I guess the spammers really know their target market: the gullible, the foolish and those too arrogant to ask for help when they're in trouble. a.k.a. Republicans.

    Mines the one with the plain paper ballots in the pocket, ta.

  7. Mike Crawshaw

    Understandable Connection.

    JM is the perfect candidate to endorse this product. He was a POW, after all. And that means he's perfect for everything.

    Oh, hang on...

  8. Michael

    Blame it on the chinese !!

    I love elections.... in fact , i have one right now!

    Mine's the grey mack.... oh wait, I left it on that russian's yacht!!

    ( that explains the sailor suit)

This topic is closed for new posts.

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