back to article Tesla Roadster safe after Musk-promised money arrives

Tesla Motors, the troubled California firm behind the famous "Roadster" battery supercar, says it now has finance in place which will carry it to the point of positive cash flow - though it remains coy as to who put up the money. The firm also insists that some development work is proceeding on its next model, the broader-appeal …


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  1. Donald Miller

    Gimme that ol' time religion

    Does the name John Delorean ring a bell?

  2. Anonymous Coward


    Are they still assembling any Tesla chassis? As I'm sure I heard that they'd shut down the line.

    Given that the car is shipped pretty much complete from Lotus, and Tesla only do the battery/motor installation, if the 'real' manufacturer (apparently) isn't building any then they certainly won't be shipping to customers from Tesla.

    It'd also be interesting to know how much of their new funding is already spoken for to cover the outstanding customer deposits, assuming they intend to retain enough cash to allow for refunds.

    If Tesla has any decent IP then there may be a future of sorts from the company, but I doubt it would include shipping expensive toys into a rapidly shrinking market.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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