back to article It's official: Siemens sells out to Fujitsu

Siemens is selling its 50 per cent stake in Fujitsu-Siemens Computers to Fujitsu. Fujitsu is paying €450m for the half share, and the deal is expected to close 1 April 2009. During negotiations FSC's president and CEO Bernd Bischoff resigned for personal reasons - he will be replaced by current CFO Kai Flore. The deal will …


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  1. Liam Pennington

    Oh great...

    Just when my F-S laptop is beginning to go a little wayward and in need of repair, the company sells up!

  2. Anonymous John

    I've got a Fujitsu-Siemens laptop.

    Does this mean I get a new badge for the lid?

  3. Andus McCoatover

    So, Nokia SIEMENS Networks next???

    How long before THIS 'joint venture' - with it seems, the majority of the new middle management not wishing for us Brits to mention the war or 1966, goes tits-up. Seen the operating margin recently? Pants!

    <<Operating loss in Nokia Siemens Networks was EUR 1 million (EUR 120 million), representing an operating margin of 0% (-3.3%). >>

    As an aside, from Nokia's Investor pages, the following gem leaps up:

    ...The planned reorganization is estimated to have an **impact** on approximately 130 NRC employees globally, of which a maximum of 100 are in Finland....

    IMPACT?? Yep, had that awhile ago, when made redundant. It means a smack in the bollocks with a very large hammer. Now, that's quite an **impact**.

    Siemens going back into heavy machinery? Tanks, artillery, maybe?

  4. Anonymous Coward

    typical innit?

    Had my Fujitsu Siemens tower for over 8 years with never a glitch.

    No wonder Fujitsu want to ditch the PC market having made their PC's so reliable.

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