back to article Open-Xchange phones home for funding

Open source groupware software maker Open-Xchange has reeled in $9m in its second round of venture capital funding. After commercial Linux distributor Xandros bought Scalix, Cisco Systems bought Postpath, and Yahoo bought Zimbra, that left Open-Xchange - formerly of Germany and now of Tarrytown, New York - as one of the few …


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  1. Rafael Laguna

    ...this other VC named "Business Angels"

    Beloved Reg,

    this other VC named "Business Angels" is, in fact, many real Angels. Cool people from the industry that find us as cool as I do, and all those real VC's do. May be "Business Angels" is just another one of those Germish terms that only we understand - here in Krautland.

    Anyhow, thanks for the coverage, other than that you got it right - well researched.


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