back to article Google plays safety card against Microsoft Office

Google has stepped up efforts to have business customers dump Microsoft's PC and server-bound productivity and business software for Google Apps. The search giant is trying to overcome lingering reservations big customers might have on the security of the facilities and the personnel behind the scenes of its hosted …


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  1. Jolyon Smith
    Paris Hilton

    The Devil in the Details

    From the "99.9%" SLA:

    "Intermittent Downtime for a period of less than ten minutes will not be counted towards any Downtime Periods."

    Who defines "intermittent"?

    At it's most extreme this could mean that Google Apps is only actually "up" for 9 minutes out of every ten in an entire month - 10% uptime at BEST - but they could still claim a 100% uptime for that month since all the downtime periods were intermittent and no single was 10 minutes or more.

    It's not even particularly deeply buried in the fine print.

    It beggars belief that this can even still be called an SLA.

    Paris - because their isn't a Dr Cuddy Pole Dancer icon.

  2. SkippyBing


    I'm guessing they'll be more convinced if Google move it out of Beta, or maybe they think big companies are happy to place lots of really important data on a system whose makers aren't willing to say is finalised.

  3. InsaneGeek

    Allowed 45 minutes of downtime per month

    Only 99.9%? The business cost difference can go against Google (or any online service at that same SLA) very quickly . What is the cost to the business to have 100 people sitting on their hands while still collecting a paycheck? Lets be honest is won't be happening (dropping off all the time), but businesses look at it that Google is only willing to guarantee that much so they have to assume the worst. All you have to have is around 3x outages over 4 years and you have paid for the cost of MS Office, in wages and lost productivity, let alone for those times when a secretary needs to get a message, etc out for the CEO "right now"...

  4. James Pickett


    "The numbers speak for themselves - the numbers are unbelievable"

    Well, which? Can't be both!

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