back to article Sprint accused of 'partitioning internet'

After a long contractual dispute between the two companies, Sprint-Nextel has severed the net connection it supplies to Cogent Communications, one of the world's largest bandwidth providers. As a result, many Sprint and Cogent customers are unable to communicate. The way Cogent sees it, Sprint has "partitioned" the internet. …


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  1. Steve

    Sprint - you bunch of morons

    This has stopped me getting access to all of my servers including email.

    I'm about to ditch their Mobile Broadband and switch over to Verizon. This stupidity affects their customers and the only way to make them understand that their customers come first it for us to up and walk away from them.

  2. Daniel B.
    Thumb Down

    Drop down the (Sprint) Donkey

    If you're a Sprint customer: Vote with your feet.

    This has got to be the stupidest decision made by a telco provider. I hope it comes to bite 'em in the ass when droves of subscribers jump the bandwagon because they're no longer able to access their corporate servers, VPN's and such.

    I only feel bad for them because they'll bring Nextel down as well.

  3. Oninoshiko

    Cogent AGAIN?

    As much as you guys may want to be mad as Sprint, this is the third time Cogent has been depeered by a backbone provider. Each time it has been a different provider. So, is it that all the backbone providers are conspiring against poor little Cogent, or is it that Cogent doesn't like to actually carry data for the companies it 'peers' with?

    After you have been through enough marriages, maybe its not them...

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Cogent again cont

    The agreement between Sprint and Cogent is best described as "settlement based peering" just for everyone's information. The reason for this being an "issue" is that Cogent will not buy "transit" to allow Cogent customers access to Sprint via their networks if Sprint and Cogent do not directly peer, which is a poor customer care frankly

    When I buy an IP circuit, I expect access to everywhere...and since I was burnt before when Cogent decided to de-peer Level3 and Telia, I don't use them anymore. I think their attitude in not buying transit is rooted in their belief that they are a Tier1 carrier and shouldn't need to, which is nonsense

  5. James Woods


    I have to agree with Oninoshiko. There are higher-end service providers that actually market themselves as being "Cogent-Free" and that boosts sales. Cogent isn't seen as a 'cost effective' provider to those in the industry, they are seen as the network that hosts porn, spam, and troublemakers and for the most part that's a fair label. If Cogent can't deal with companies like level3, Sprint, AOL ......... then the problem does appear to be Cogent.

  6. Edward Clarke
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    Seem to be back up

    As of 7 EST Sprint/Cogent seem to be back up with 40ms latency. Somebody blinked.

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