back to article Manuelgate's goth vampire stripper fades from MySpace

Government advice about being careful what you post on the web may have come just a little too late for Andrew Sachs’ granddaughter, Georgina Baillie – aka Voluptua, the goth vampire stripper. The same advice might also have been helpful to the pictures desk over at the Daily Mail, which along with Ms Baillie has been indulging …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Oh for the love of Christ...



    Ground breaking news in this time of credit crunches, knife crime and the looming spectre of Windows 7.

    Get a grip people or, preferably, shut the hell up.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Not being funny or anything...

    ...but 'so what'?

    I'm afraid I still agree with Bob Geldof on Russell Brand.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    I wonder ?

    Is the register saying that abusive messages about this girl are ok becvause she is into S&M ?

    Its not far from she wanted it your honour she was wearing a short skirt.

  4. Leigh Smith

    Say it aint so?

    The British press are a bunch hypocrites who will say and do anything to sell papers? no way!

  5. Dave Murray

    WRONG! (in Eric Cartman voice)

    Seems the Daily Wail should have researched the story a little better. I'm about as liberal minded as you can get but even I think videos portraying medical experiments and nun abuse are sick and wrong. So I wonder what all the people who complained to the BBC because the Wail told them too would think of it?

  6. Anonymous Coward

    missing the point

    So what, she can get up to what she wants and shove it on a myspace page

    the problem was that brand & ross decided to have a go at a well respected pensioner because he couldn't appear on the show, just because she's a little alternative doesnt excuse the initial abuse

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This whole sorry saga...

    ..makes me despair over the state of modern Britain. What a farce.

    I would also like to recommend to the BBC that instead of spending time on 'inquiries', they should just rename 'Have Your Say' to 'People are Morons'. If they keep bowing down to that lot, it will be wall-to-wall Strictly Come Dancing and Antiques Roadshow before long.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    The Cruelty of El Reg there for all to see

    How can El Reg be so cruel?

    Posting an article with links like that while we're all sitting in work, fearful of clicking them, yet concerned that half of them will be taken down before we get home!

    That, El Reg, is the "sado" in sado-masochism of the very highest order.

  9. Chris

    "Bend over, you're about to be shafted"

    A friend has worked with the Satanic Sluts on and off, although she mostly freelances as an exotic model. While "exotic model" probably seems like a euphemism for something seedier (and to be fair that's sometimes true), the term is mostly used by genuine models who mostly do the same kind of advertising work as more "mainstream" models. As for the Nazi connotations, if my friend's anything to go by then it's likely an (un)happy coincidence that the Sluts initials are SS. As for the kind of language on the website, it strikes me as appropriate for the bondage and flagellation crowd, and a bit of a reach to imply some kind of sinister political message is being imparted.

    Oh well, as with the whole Ross/Brand phone prank and subsequent furore, I'm sure the journalistic muckrakers and mastubatory blogosphere can find new headlines by the usual fabrication and misinterpretation.

  10. Bassey

    Re: Not being funny or anything

    I also agree with Geldof. However, wasn't it Brand who said of Geldof "Here is a man who knows everything there is to know about famine having dined out for 30 years on 'I don't like Mondays'"?

    Now that WAS funny.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Bob vs. Russel vs. Satanic Sluts

    I also agree with Bob Geldof on Russel Brand, but then again I also agree with Russel Brand on Bob Geldof...

    As for Sachs granddaughter... I suppose I thread carefully enough when I say that this issue with mr.Brand and mr. Ross might not exactly hurt her career... or cause too much damage to her reputation (whatever that might have been prior to this incident).

  12. Mark

    re: Oh for the love of Christ...


    No, that would be true if they contacted her instead of her grandfather.

    If they'd done that, then Andrew could be outraged but then he'd be going it as a grandfather, not as the party being insulted.

  13. James Osborne-Smith

    Putting the Whap into Wapping

    "Otherwise, there are soon going to be red faces all round in the upper editorial reaches of Wapping"

    As opposed to the other red cheeks half the editorial staff like to get at the weekends...

  14. Iain


    Not that she will have a job much longer with the exterem porn bill going through

  15. Steve

    Re: missing the point

    "So what, she can get up to what she wants and shove it on a myspace page"

    Except she wasn't just doing it on her myspace page. She was in the national media using what happened to gain publicity for herself. She specifically complained about the fact that they were 'humiliating a lovely old man who has never harmed anyone in his life' while she was doing the same by drawing attention to the fact that she's a 'glamour model' and listed 'pole dancing' as her favourite sport on her webpage.

    Before she was even talking to the Sun, Sach's had already said that he didn't want such a big deal being made about it and she just helped to keep it going.

  16. John Ozimek

    Abusive messages?

    @ac er, no. I most certainly am NOT saying abusive messages about Miss Baillie are ok. Or at least not as a response to her sexuality.

    If you have other issues with her, then express them as you see fit.

    The piece began as a slightly amused take on how people on the internet have a tendency to re-invent themselves. The clue is in the sub-head that refers to high-speed airbrushing. Miss Baillie appears to be doing it. The Mail appears to be doing it. And the Sun...well maybe they are taking a stance that is ever-so-slightly inconsistent with the stance of their sister Paper in the Max Mosley case.

    What are the political leanings of the Satanic Sluts? Haven't the faintest - but might ask them that next week.

    Is their use of imagery just a bit risky? Well, take a look at their site: note the copy, backdrop, typology, use of the SS initials and one or two other elements. Then make your own mind up.

    One problem, of course, is that as individuals we can be attracted to a style of imagery, irrespective of its content. In a sense, that is at the heart of many censorship debates: we might enjoy certain thoughts, images, concepts; but have no intention ever to act upon them.

    The censors would see things differently.

    Heart - because commenting on my own pieces takes me into realms of narcissism I would have preferred to avoid.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Mark, ....contacted her instead of her grandfather.

    Actually Mark, mr.Sachs is probably a bigger celebrity than she will ever be.

    And I belive that they did indeed insult him (no matter how funny it was), the reference to his grand daughter was just in passing... the main part of the sketch was rather focused on mr.Sachs himself and his character Manuel (or was that Emanuel?)...

  18. Aaron

    Hey Dave --

    "if my friend's anything to go by then it's likely an (un)happy coincidence that the Sluts initials are SS"

    ...go check out their website. Their logo, a take on the SS 'lightning-bolt' symbol, quickly puts paid to this 'unhappy coincidence' notion.

    Oh, and Dave?

    "I'm about as liberal minded as you can get but even I think videos portraying medical experiments and nun abuse are sick and wrong."

    Well, then, you're not "about as liberal minded as you can get".

  19. Mark


    I know. And if they wanted to upbraid Andrew, talk to him about himself. He's a grown up. But don't try to bag him by pissing on his family.

    If I didn't like JR I wouldn't phone his children to get at him. That's mean. It's getting at him through his children.

    And this is what RB and JR have done with Andrew: got at him through his family.

    OR they could have gotten gotherella herself and got her on the show. Her gramps may not like her talking about that work, but it's up to her as a grown up to accept or refuse. She can't refuse if they talk to her grandpa instead of her, though.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @AC 14:23

    Totally agree.

    There seems to be a bit of a "she is a goth so deserves it" attitude here, totally wrong. It doesn't matter what your sexuality there is no need for people to call your grandfather about it, then transmit it on the raidio.

    Come on 'reg, you can do better than this.

  21. Al

    Is it just me, or are people missing the point?

    This isn't a 'she was wearing short skirt and asking for it' argument, this is an illustration of the tabloid press's double standards. Had Brand and Ross not made the call, Ms Baillie might have been the subject of an expose: 'Manuel's grand-daughter is sexy swinger!' sort of bollocks. No-one deserves to have their grandfather rung up and subjected to those idiots, but it's interesting to see the way the tabloids jumped.

    I'm tempted to suggest that had Ms Baillie not had a well-loved grandad, the story would be 'Russel Brand's nights of love with bondage babe' or somethinge qually daft....

  22. Anonymous John

    She should be the next Dr Who

    She already knows how to regenerate herself.

  23. Duncan Hothersall

    Oh for fuck's sake the idiots are here too

    Look, 2 people complained when the show went out, and those complaints were about the use of the word "fuck". Not a dicky-bird about "abuse".

    A full week later, Max Clifford sells a story to a newspaper whipping up a frenzy, and thousands of people start complaining about a programme they would never listen to.

    Andrew Sachs says he hasn't been attacked and doesn't need any apologies, and wants it to just blow over.

    But the attention seeking Ms Baillie milks the story for all it's worth, makes money, makes a name for herself, and somehow there are people here who think she has been cruelly wronged?

    Get a fucking grip.

  24. Anonymous Coward

    Looks like a cheap version of..

    Looks like a cheap version of Rockbitch to me. (Before you Google that, beware that Rockbitch REALLY is NSFW).

  25. Luther Blissett

    Irony can blow your foot off

    Or not. It's really not possible to predict in general. Which is why DARPA won't go near it.

  26. Anonymous Coward

    RE: missing the point

    "So what, she can get up to what she wants and shove it on a myspace page

    The problem was that brand & ross decided to have a go at a well respected pensioner because he couldn't appear on the show, just because she's a little alternative doesn't excuse the initial abuse"


    You either haven't listened to the podcast or you didn't hear the same one I did, they didn't abuse him, they left some voice messages in which they got very giggly and stupid, then they rang again (big mistake on their part) and knob head Ross shouted out "he f*cked your granddaughter", then they hung up, then they rang again and in an extremely uncomfortable silly moment brand let slip the satanic slut members name.

    Sach's complaint wasn't even the calls, it was that the BBC aired them when they asked and he said no. Then the papers started printing pictures and the granddaughter got involved.

    Brand and Ross shouldn't have been suspended just because the media are sensationalising this whole thing, no matter how annoying people find them - and Brand shouldn't need to resign to try and save somebody elses skin either. At the end of the day, Sach's himself may have been offended, fine, and the producers were wrong in airing the skit after Sachs said no - but that is the producers fault, and the BBC should look at that problem, not the material itself.

    At the end of the day, her alternative activities isn't a hobby, it's her job, she's posed for page 3 for gods sake, so how she can claim to be offended or say this has caused embarrassment is beyond me, the BBC should have some sort of protection for their employees when the complaining people are directly profiting from giving kiss and tell stories, and calling for the heads of the bbc to fire people.

    She's getting royalties from the pics I'm assuming, and the storys the papers are buying from her, she's already said more in less than a week about her relationship with Brand than he's ever said about her, it wasn't even clear he'd slept with her from what he's said until she told the Sun. I find it hilarious that she seems more outraged than her grandfather - considering this all happened to him, but of course she's outraged - it means she gets to do something she couldn't do before, and that is get in the media spotlight and have her pictures posted on the front of the papers for a week, until the elections next week anyway. Then it will be naked pics of McCain and Palin, not her.

    Bombs going off in India, armies killing people in Congo, earthquakes in Pakistan, US election hype, freaky cold-snap in UK, credit crunch - you would assume the papers would have better things to do than spend time and money reporting this shit.

    And don't get me started on how the tories can call for a commons debate on something as trivial as this, yet seem to do fuck all when it comes to politicians with bribes, telecoms companies illegally wiretapping us as a nation, and our failing economy. How much tax payers money is being wasted on this media witch-hunt now? I want figures!!!


  27. Law
    Paris Hilton

    @ Fraser

    "Totally agree.

    There seems to be a bit of a "she is a goth so deserves it" attitude here, totally wrong. It doesn't matter what your sexuality there is no need for people to call your grandfather about it, then transmit it on the raidio."

    No - it's a double standards thing... and I didn't realise that being goth was a sexuality these days. Most goths tend to be straight, gay or bi... I should know... I used to be one! ;)

    And please all past and future commentards - he wasn't cold-called - he was rang for a pre-arranged interview, and wasn't available.

    Paris - because she deserves it too! ;)

  28. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    You can still join the SS?

    Hopefully the military arm of that party organization. Where do I sign up? I just want to driver Tigers around, honest.

    Mine's the one in Flecktarn.

  29. Chris


    "go check out their website. Their logo, a take on the SS 'lightning-bolt' symbol, quickly puts paid to this 'unhappy coincidence' notion."

    That's stretching things to say it looks like the SS logo. There's three S's separated by other characters and they're not the same font as the SS symbol (which was a square ended rune - not sure if it was supposed to be a lightning bolt). Based on your criteria, the band Kiss *must* be raving Nazis, as they use the same squared off S characters as the SS in their logo and it's two of them in succession.

    On a side note, a certain TV presenter caught up in this furore is known to frequent fetish clubs with his red haired wife. Wearing a mask admittedly, but it's still obvious who he is, and he shops at rubber outfit shop Breathless (formerly in Camden, now in Kings Cross). Note to moderatix (ooh, err) if you feel this paragraph is in any way actionable, then feel free to delete it. Not that you'd need my permission I suppose!

  30. Solomon Grundy

    Nun Abuse

    Wow! I knew there were lots of kinky fetishes out there but I didn't know that nun abuse was one of them. I think I'll check into it and see if I've been missing out.

    I knew there was group against abuse of carrots by nuns, but that's about as far as my knowledge of nuns goes. (except that some of them can fly)

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I totally agree there is a double standards thing going on here. I didn't mean to be vague about the whole goth/sexuallity thing (I used to be a goth myself - back in the 80s when the Mish and the Cult were goth, none of this Marylin Manson shite, anyway I digress) As I see it that there are some goths who are totally vanilla, but there are also some who use their vampy-gothness (vampy-goodness?) as an extention of sexuallity. I suspect that a fair amount of the double standards is coming from the "look at her - she's wearing provocitive clothing - she's a freak" therefore it's ok to plaster her image all over the place, with no regard for her or those round her. I hardly think a nice blonde pig tailed gingham dresses girlygirl would be in her position now.

    nb: I use the word Goth as I understand it, there seems to be a lot of sub-genres these days...

  32. Mark


    What fun does a monk get?


  33. Mark


    Paris may deserve it (I say no, but she gets it anyway and she's a grownup), but you wouldn't take that tale to her Mum or Dad. How can she give as good as she gets if you go to her family instead?

  34. Andy

    Bad taste?

    My opinion is that all prank phone calls are nearly as funny as a road accident, so I'll disqualify myself from judging whether it was funny or not.

    Reading the transcript of the event (or as much of it as I could be bothered to, anyway), it seems to me that what was actually said wasn't much worse than Brand and Ross normally get up to.

    The difference was that they weren't just pratting about on the air -- they were talking down the phone to someone (okay, answering machine, whatever). The difference is important: it's a hell of a lot more personal. When you hear an answering machine message, it's meant just for you.

    Granted, the difference is a subtle one. I guess Ross & Grant didn't see it at the time. But when you walk the edge of comedy, I think you need to pay close attention to that sort of thing.

  35. mike panero

    Worlds last comment

    Mr. Sachs was phoned by the radio2 production team, played the sketh and asked if it was okay to transmit; seems a combination of things leave the reply some what vague, the rest is history

    Quick read thru thesuns site for comments she comes over as a witch, not many prols like her

    Whats her Radio voice like? How is she in font of the camera (TV)?

    I see a SKY 1 exclusive; Russel & George or some such witless crap that would never survive series 2 but could yeild a big $$$ contract

  36. Anonymous Coward

    surely the bigger news strory

    <b>"Ross& Brand so offensive that they put 28,998 people into a coma for a week"</b>

    maybe it's just me who missed the story about that one, though it does explain why the traffic was so good last week!

    or possibly 2 people listened to the show and complained re language, then a week later the sunday media run a story and the readers think" I don't like Brand, I shall complain about the wastrell" and then 1500 people complained, then the TV media pick it up cos they're bored, and then the rest think "I don't listen to late noght radio 2 it should be nice music, and anyways they've got wierd hair let complain"

    I'd use the word witch hunt but hey

  37. Dave Bell

    I must read the wrong newspapers.

    Have we started frightening the horses yet?

  38. Sceptical Bastard

    @ Solomon; @Dave Murray

    Awww, Solomon - you've obviously led a sheltered life. Try typing 'nun' into the searchbox on

    And for a more humorous take, try this:

    Dave, don't you see the contradiction in boasting about your sexual liberality and proclaiming out-of-the-way fetishes are "sick and wrong"?

    As to the brouhaha itself, there's good news and bad. The bad news is that Johnathon Ross hasn't been sacked. The good news is that Voluptua has had an unexpected career boost - and good luck to her, I say.

    Dog eats dog in the self-referential world of celebretards: if the ghastly Ross gets his talkshow back, he'll probably invite Georgina on as his first guest. Then fuck her in the green room and leak the video to Max Clifford.

    As stockmarkets burn, pensions evaporate and jobs vanish, isn't it heartening to have these jolly japes to distract us all?

  39. Wayland Sothcott
    Gates Horns

    Oooooohhh, now I geddit!

    The news gets taken over by something that Ross and Brand did but no one was really saying what it was about. So it takes the reg to shine a light on it!

    Gates looks a bit satanic.

  40. Law

    here we go again

    Most people are getting over the drama of all this now, so the media are suddenly realising they need a new twist to the story.... behold, the beginning of the media backlash on the granddaughter, you know, the one who has nothing on our very own moderatrix:

    @ Mark - I'm sure Paris' parent's already know quite enough about their daughter, without me letting them in a few things! :)

    @ Fraser - One thing I loved about being a goth was how everybody just got along. Plus in alot of the clubs I hung around in you could just walk down a hall and be jumped on by hot ladies in black, or see 2 ladies (ladies??) gettin it on. Ahhh... I miss my goth days. In my phase, it was a mix of vampire goth, then mosher goth, then I gave up when 12 year olds knew more new bands than me... still, never got the whole dominatrix thing, but I'm happy for others to be happy with it themselves! :)

    Now, where's my leather jacket, whip and gimp mask.... ah, here it is!

  41. Yasser Nabi

    RE: RE: missing the point By AC


    I salute you... My sentiments exactly. FFS Yesterdays front page on was all bransrossgate affair, when thousands have been displaced and massacres are occurring in DR Congo. I fed up too my back teeth with the growing celebutard news reporting (and that includes the celebutards in the American election).

    At least I have the elReg too fall back on :o)

  42. Mark

    re here we go again

    Yes her parents undoubtedly do.

    But this doesn't mean you should or can just talk about how much of a ho their daughter is. Why? BECAUSE IT'S A FRIGGING INSULTING THING TO DO!

  43. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: re here we go again

    Yeah, but last time I checked one is at liberty to insult others in this country. So strictly speaking, yes, you can. Whether or not you should is a matter for debate.

  44. Duncan Hothersall

    @ Mark

    In which case, shouting boy, she should stop selling stories of her shags with Brand to the fucking paps!

  45. Law

    @ Mark

    True - but then again shouldn't somebody give the parent's a heads up?? lol - my god... think of the children!!

  46. Martyn
    Paris Hilton

    Should we be surprised?

    So the british press are scum who will take any half story and twist it any way they can in order to sell their rags, is anyone really surprised? It seems this time they thought they could sell more my making ms B the victim and going after the big names of Brand and Ross, if the facts were slightly different they might have twisted it the other way.

    The british papers are run by a bunch of lowlife fuckwits and anyone who buys their rags is only encouraging them.

    Paris 'cos her grandad already knows what she's like.

  47. Phil K

    The BBC's apologists go to lower depths....

    Quite pathetic this.

    This pillock (and those argreeing with him) trying to blacken the name of the victim in this to try to paint the BBC in a better light.

    Wonder what you'd have done if say, ITV had done the same against a gay ? A lesbian ? An islamic fanatic ?

    Granted the BBC backroom nose-in-troughs wouldn't have allowed any of THEM to be abused - won't ever allow themselves to be the victim after all ! But the victim was a decent feller who never attacked anyone or wanted it to go too far in "punishment"

    So this dick attacks the grand-daghter.

    Pathetic I said, Pathetic he is.

    And like the typical Guardian reader he'll be, inexcusably smug

  48. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Satanic Sluts

    why is this the first time I have heard of this, is this what goes on in the internet?

    Interesting design, ahh now I see why it is the first time I have heard of them, they use a frameset no wonder, someone ought to tell them.

    Ohhh, Generation Genocide, and Nihilista looks right up my alley,

  49. The Avangelist

    classic catch 22

    Love it all really. Little Britain has spent several years 'parodying' the British public as a mixture of doll scum, racist, fascist homophobic people in some of the most extreme ways ever portrayed on television, but it is OK because one of the is 'a gay' and everyone bangs them a load of awards.

    Alf Garnet reincarnated AKA Pub Landlord is onto something like the 4th season of his mock extremist chat show and that's OK.

    What exactly is not ok? I refer to my original posting on the Little Big Planet story which outlines these exact double standards, of which a large majority of the press then also commented on such as my statement about how it is now 'OK' to make fun of the Queen to her face, something that no less than 30 years ago would have found you hanged.

  50. The Avangelist

    just before I go

    One other thing, not that excuses the actions taken by Brand and Ross BUT least we not forget that guy made his money from making an extreme characterure of an entire nation of people. I don't recall the Spanish trying to murder him whilst on Fawlty Towers?

  51. Mark

    re: just before I go

    I don't remeber reading about anyone asking JR or RB being killed for their "humour" either.

  52. Mark

    @Duncan Hothersall

    That's not Andrew Sachs selling the news of his granddaughter's sex with Brand to the papers.

    I've said before (and you've not read before) that if they had decided to do this stunt with goth girl then she's an adult and she can make her own decisions.

    Now show me where Andrew is selling anything about his granddaughter's actions to make money or fame for himself?


    Then your point is pointless.

  53. Mark
    Paris Hilton

    re: Re: re here we go again

    True, but then slagging off and asking for JR's and RB's resignation isn't against the law either.

    So why are you complaining?

  54. John H Woods Silver badge

    Telecommunications Act 1984


    Improper use of public telecommunication system.

    — (1) A person who—

    (a) sends, by means of a public telecommunication system, a message or other matter that is grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character; or

    (b) sends by those means, for the purpose of causing annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to another, a message that he knows to be false or persistently makes use for that purpose of a public telecommunication system, shall be guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale or both.


    (2) Subsection (1) above does not apply to anything done in the course of providing a programme service (within the meaning of the Broadcasting Act 1990)


  55. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I couldn't resist...

    ...I just had to have a look.

    One of the comments was just glorious: "you many be pleased also to know i have no time even just for awareness of the existence of russell bLand and jonathon Dross. its bad enough simply getting reminders the likes of them exist. anyway, lifes to short, theres more important, beneficial and serious things to contend with, think about and do than waste time and effort over that."

    It's almost distilled essence of fail! Grammar and punctuation, obviously, are optional.

    She's almost definitely lapping it up at the moment as her little dance troupe is getting more publicity than they ever have done before. Her chosen career has most likely taken a serious upturn because of this - methinks she doth protest too much!

  56. Mark

    Re: WRONG! (in Eric Cartman voice)

    "I'm about as liberal minded as you can get but even I think videos portraying medical experiments and nun abuse are sick and wrong. "

    Doesn't sound very liberal to me. If you don't like it, don't watch it. I'm sure she didn't ask for her images to be splatted all over the tabloids.

  57. Mark
    Paris Hilton

    re: I couldn't resist...

    However, Gotherella wasn't the one phoned up and abused. Her grandad was.

    So, has Andrew Sachs gotten any new work?

    Also, I think it somewhat ironic that your post almost entirely gloats:

    "It's almost distilled essence of fail!"

    and yet goes straight into epic fail mode itself:

    "Her chosen career has most likely taken a serious upturn because of this - methinks she doth protest too much!"

    Which is an EPIC FAIL because the woman herself has not complained once. She's even said publicly that she thinks it overdone.

    Don't YOU bother to read what you're posting about either????

    PS: That's YOU, that is!

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