back to article Microsoft taps Dell to build Azure cloud

Cloud computing means a lot of things to a lot of people these days, but if this catch-phrase-of-the-moment has one goal, it's to make huge numbers of independent servers and related storage to support millions of users in such a way that they neither know nor care about how the underlying iron and its software stack is …


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  1. sleepy

    Evil Empire on the defensive?

    Dell looks close to collapse, which would be more bad news for Microsoft's image. (3 months ago: net tangible assets zero and falling; accounts payable more than 3 months sales; 6 weeks ago: falling demand warning). Notice how this is announced one day before Dell's quarter end? I wonder if there's been a linked financial transaction to save Dell's numbers for the quarter with some Microsoft assisted cash/receivables smoke and mirrors.

  2. James

    Originally an OSS designed product..

    The new Dell Data Center Solutions "Cloud" server looks very similar to a project that Open Source Systems was working on before they went under. It was a brilliant idea, and I'm glad to see that someone was able to take their design mainstream! (Somewhat). It looks like the team at OSS was ahead of their time!

    Dell Design:

    Original OSS Design:

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