back to article Home Office acts to kick out Iceland's hate preachers

Just weeks after the UK government used the 2001 Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act to seize all of the IOUs in British branches of Icelandic banks, tough-talking Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has made it clear that Britain will no longer be a safe haven for terror preachers from Iceland. Or indeed from Norway or Liechtenstein …


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  1. Mike Richards Silver badge

    Bloody Scandinavians

    Coming over here raising uproar about their progressive social policies, high standards of literacy and education and preaching tolerance. Mind you, with the Icelandic economy officially, have they thought about recapitalising their banks the old-fashioned Viking way?

    Oh and just to remind Jacqui: Íslendingar eru ekki hryðjuverkamenn.

  2. xjy
    Paris Hilton

    Bloody warmongers!

    Iceland tried to blow our sturdy trawlermen and our naval forces out of the water not too long ago over some damn fish or other. Bloody cheek, I say! Norway has been laughing at us for our puny North Sea oil reserves, and as for Lichtenstein, well with a name like that they must be up to no good!

    Kick em all out, Jacqui, and don't ever let any of em in again, unless they have dual citizenship and lots of money. Good quality guests are always welcome, especially when they inject some sinew into our football clubs.

    (Paris, cos she's always welcome, though she'd be more welcome if she ploughed some money into English soccer instead of just getting ploughed herself :-(

  3. min
    IT Angle

    Agent Smith..

    ..obviously does not realise that her flights of fancy cannot really be indulged at the expense of this nation's already somewhat patchy relationships with some of the powers that be within the E.U.

    Gardening leave? extermination is a better finality for this serial underachiever.

  4. Brian

    Kraft Durch Dummheit (again)

    So this is the latest from that daft bint - if she doesn't like what somebody says, they can't come in.

    Could she throw me out, please? The Bahamas or Jordan would be nice.

    Mine's the one with the jihadi leaflet in the pocket.

  5. Aortic Aneurysm


    Only threaten to throw out countries with vastly smaller Armys with little or no nuclear threat. Yes, lets leave people like Omar Bakri to preach hated against all things non muslim.

    that dozy bint-a-tron needs to grow a set and deal with the important or get the hell out of decision making power.

  6. De


    Oh I think I understand their logic. The only way to ensure tolerance is to eliminate anyone who disagrees with them. You know that makes perfect sense.

  7. Scott
    Black Helicopters

    Money maker

    I say we make a travelling show with this mad bint as the main attaraction, next she'll be coming up with some hair brained scheme that your not allowed to leave you house without goverment provided identification or you'll get banged up for a month and a half for no reason...

    And let me guess who decides who gets in and who doesn't?

    Hey wacky jackie what about your mate pete selling you and your party to the Russians what you doing about that?

  8. Jacob Reid

    Does this mean we can kick the Labour Party out?

    After all, they are clearly intent on bringing the country down.

  9. Jimmy Floyd

    ...and the Swiss!

    To quote the great Murray Walker: "Unless I'm very much mistaken..." Switzerland is part of the EEA as well, while simultaneously trying but failing to pick those bits of the EU they like whilst ignoring the bits they don't.

    But Swiss bankers don't hide behind a veil of secrecy useful for hiding taxes, do they?

    I really would like to see you try to keep EU citizens out of the UK, Jacqui. Only because you'd fail and lose your job.

  10. John Lettice (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: ...and the Swiss!

    Actually you are ever so slightly mistaken. The Swiss rejected EEA membership in a referendum, and Switzerland instead negotiated an EEA-like deal which it describes as a series of bilateral agreements. I'm not sure what she'd have to rewrite in order to kick the Swiss out, for all I know she's able to do it already.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    So they'll excluse anyone who disagrees with public policy...

    The Home Office will "introduce changes that will allow us to exclude from the UK nationals of the European Economic Area, and their families, before they travel to this country where they constitute a threat to public...... policy."

    Only those who support the party's objectives will be admitted, citizen. Our country will be kept pure of thought crime. If you leave the country you may not be readmitted. Your masters will protect you from vile, independent thought.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why doesn't she just...

    fuck off??!!

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Power crazed or what?

    "Coming to the UK is a privilege, and I refuse to extend that privilege to individuals who abuse our standards and values to undermine our way of life."

    No it's not a privilege it's a legally protected right for EU citizens. What *YOU* Jacqui Smith, choose to do it unimportant, you are just the person who sits in the Home Office for the moment. The EU was agreed to and the freedom of movement is enshrined in EU law and applies to UK law. It long pre-dates the 2006 implementation of the directive and the case law was absorbed into that directive.

    "make greater use of UK watch lists "

    Like those creepy no fly lists no doubt. Again punishment without due process is not consistent with UK and EU law.

    You may believe that you can use the "national security" or "public safety", or "public order" as the exclusion, but the ECJ has already ruled the limits on those. They have to be proportionate. It has to be proportionate, and a "*presumption* of exclusion" clearly isn't.

    So parliament will either clipped your wings again, like 42 days, or the ECJ will clip your wings. But really you should just resign. It's quite incredible that a minister assumes that Parliament will give them a law that amounts to the right to exclude anyone, despite EU law, despite UK law, just on their opinion, without due process or cause or specific legal basis.

    She's just not fit to be in a position of power, she's clearly power crazed. Perhaps she doesn't understand that *SHE* is not Judge Dredd and *SHE* is not the law. Parliament decides the law not her, she can suggest and perform minor tweaks, but to say "EU freedom of movement no longer applies because I, SUPREME HOME SECRETARY OF THE FOOLMYSELFIVERSE, say so...."

    Nah. Just an out of control Home Secretary who can't face criticism and is increasingly behaving erratically and with questionable sanity.

  14. Jimmy Floyd

    @John Lettice

    I shall defer to your knowledge of Switzerland there, John.

    Mine's the one with the fondue set, the Milka chocolate and a bar of 1940s gold from I know not where.

  15. david

    It's more serious than that...

    ...if you read the beeb story

    Furriners will have to show that they will play nicely or they will be turned away. Perhaps a bit like the US boarding card

    Are you a spy? (please tick)

    Are you a drug dealer? (please tick)

    Are you a terrorist? (please tick)

    And it will apply to EU citizens.

    You couldn't make it up (as they say in another place)

    I'll get me coat because the next thing is to ship out objectors.

  16. Luther Blissett

    Jacqui in Wonderland - or is it just Luther?

    Good law. Like many of the others nu labour have struck up, like financing terrorism. The problem is it, like the others, it won't ever be applied objectively or even-handedly. Were that possible, the job of ridding the country of several classes of divisive 5th columns would be half done - as Mary Poppins would say.

    Curious how with all the spying apparatus in existence there aren't more prosecutions for cartel behaviour. But that we now have a Minister for Russian Oligarchs. And while you're thinking about that...

    What does a 0% interest rate really mean? And could we make it permanent?

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What the...

    As a dual national (Italian/UK) can I just say, what the fucking fuckery is that daft bitch up to?

    Does this mean she can keep me out of my own country if I tavel on my Italian passport (as I do now because my british one ran out) - or will i simply get harassed as border control if I happen to come in from a country other than Italy (which they have done).

    fucktards, all of them. I used to think that Labour were better than Tory. Now I think a bullet is better than both.

  18. Gerry
    Thumb Down

    Why Liechtenstein?

    'cos they nicked our national anthem, that's why.

  19. Hollerith

    hadn't noticed it was the EEA or the EU

    I seem to recall the various terrorist actions 7/7 and the various aborted attempts, such as that at Glasgow, were carried out by British nationals who didn't come from any place but our own suburbs. Like the skinhead white supremacists int he USA, who hope to bomb Obama etc into history, our own unhappy British fellow-citizens see themselves side-lined, without power and disenchanted and, being young men (it seems to come with the territory, or the testosterone), find a cult to stoke themselves up in their beliefs until they are willing to die from a position of condemnation. So, Jacqui, you can close the ports and doors and turn on the CCTV cameras and fingerprint scanners and biometric ID cards, but you can't control the angry human heart that lives just down your street.

  20. Martin Silver badge

    A cunning plan

    If you pass a law stopping EU citizens coming to Britain, even if they have a right to do so, could you extend it to stop Scots coming to England?

    Might be a good way of promoting yourself to number 10?

  21. John PM Chappell

    Let her knock herself out... can only hasten the long overdue death of this administration and probably put this bunch of retards masquerading as a political party out of office for another thirty years. John Smith'd top himself were he not already dead.

  22. Anonymous Coward

    Watch out Smiths' about........

    On a number of levels I think silently inside we know where this is going....remember this is the government that removed the man from the labour party conference under the 'terrorism act'. So where will it stop? We've already had councils spying on people. Perhaps if you fart in the general direction of the government they'll throw you out if you're foreign (and not an EEA national)

    EEA Nationals can only be booted out of England under the guise very serious public policy (and one or two other factors including health) - i.e. stark raving terrorists or essentially class A drugs/killing someone. The EU free movement rights say that even a criminal record does not in itself constitute a reason to expel/remove someone - as expulsion is the worst thing you can do. In most cases the worst you'll get is a bollocking and a snotty letter from Fanny By Gaslights' team (Jackie - Jacqui - whatever). Really all one of these people (the targeted ones) needs to do is marry an EEA national; that way they automatically inherit the rights as a family member of an EEA national and the above rules apply.

    Frankly i'm stuck between the icons "I'll get my coat",batton down t'hatches, or black choppers. Perhaps i'm just going to go and find my tin-foil hat and hide under the table going wibble....

  23. Frumious Bandersnatch
    Black Helicopters

    Svifnökkvinn minn er fullur af álum

    The Register wouldn't print the above comment when I posted the Arabic version of it. I wonder if they'll mod this post out of existence, too, now that the Íslendingar are officially hryðjuverkamenn. Probably not, since they probably think that Veekings just speak funny and aren't really the threat they once were. Fools!

  24. Gary


    This is excellent news if it applies to the many preachers of hate of Muslim , Arabic or ANY other national origin! Way to go Jacqui(?) Gary

  25. Anonymous Coward

    "name and shame the preachers of hate"

    Excellent and well thought out. All those people standing up and shouting hateful things will now have their work further publicised by law, at the taxpayers expense. Methinks they probably aren't too embarrassed by their beliefs.

    Besides, we don't need no name & shame, we already know who you are Jacqui!

  26. Steve Roper

    Well, Mr. Orwell did point out...

    ...that Airstrip One is officially part of Oceania, not Eurasia, despite the geographical proximity. Can't have those vile crimethinkers and Goldsteinists infiltrating the country now can we? From the looks of this, Oceania could be at war with Eurasia soon. And don't forget - once Oceania is at war with Eurasia, Oceania will ALWAYS have been at war with Eurasia! Actually, do forget. Or not. Something like that, anyway.

    Mine's the shabby blue overalls with MINITRUE printed on the back, ta...

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Vikings are coming

    yes we need a new enemy, and what better than to dredge one up from the past. Never were the fair people of the mediocre british isles ever so terrified when they were staring down the wrong end of battle axes wielded by a Norse man.

    Time for us to reclaim our lost gold, and reinstate Danelaw.

    As for me well I will not really mention my Nordic ancestry, and hmm which nationality can I choose for these times, Welsh could be in, haven't heard any rumblings about the Celts for a while, little bit more spicey then the current down trodden English.

  28. JohnG

    Expulsion of EU citizens

    The EU directive does allow for expulsion.....

    "Union citizens or members of their family may be expelled from the host Member State on grounds of public policy, public security or public health"

    but it doesn't say you can premptively refuse leave to enter - it only talks of expelling those who are already resident and have done something to warrant expulsion and....

    "".... the individuals concerned have access to judicial review and, where appropriate, to administrative review in the host Member State."

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns


    Britain remembers the insidious terrorist attacks by the vikings on its coasts and the slaughter of innocent civillians all too well, to allow it to ever happen again!

    London 841 never again!

    York 865 never again!

    Preemptive strikes are in order!

  30. Anonymous Coward

    Snow Day ?

    Its snow joke you know. Why couldn't the damn gritters stay in bed like the rest of us.

    Off topic? ... I think not.

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Wacqui Jacqui is at it again...

    Gross incompetence.

  32. Norfolk Enchants Paris


    Well said.

    Also, the ingenuity of the average human mind seems greater than that of the average lawmaker. Ergo, people intent on doing something are more cunning than the law and find ways around it, and/or are simply not bothered by the 'legality' of doing it. In this case, using British citizens to subvert 'security' and 'policy' (whatever that means) is the obvious way around it.

  33. Anonymous Coward

    Re: The Vikings are coming

    AC wrote: "Time for us to reclaim our lost gold, and reinstate Danelaw."

    Well, why not - we supported exactly this argument when we allowed the Stern Gang to take over Palestine.

    It's got to be that bullet- and flame-proof one in the corner.

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