back to article Harman Kardon brings high-end media centre to Blighty

Harman Kardon has begun selling its high-price 250GB media centre system in the UK. Harman Kardon DMC 1000 Harman Kardon's DMC 1000: quarter of a terabyte of music storage The DMC 1000 packs in a CD and DVD player, though while it'll auto-rip music onto the hard drive, it won't do the same with movies and TV shows. It will …


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  1. Bassey
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    Exchange rate

    Hey, at today's exchange rate that makes the UK version roughly £150 cheaper than the US!

    So, are we to start a "Rip off States" campaign, encouraging yanks to take long weekends in Blighty to do all their Christmas shopping?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I spy....

    Is that a Network Port?

    is it capable of stereaming from a media server???

  3. ruffage
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    Hardon Karmon

    Or buy a PS3 for less, and get all that and more.

  4. Scott Mckenzie


    Hmm..... really, all of that? I've had a quick look and cannot see a single analogue audio port on the back of a PS3.

    Or any reference to any level of quality CD playback... great if you live in the world of low bitrate MP3, but not if you appreciate higher quality audio, the PS3 simply cannot compete.

    It's a good system no doubt, but it's compromised in many areas if you really push it....

  5. Steven H Taylor

    PS3 audio quality

    The PS3 actually makes for a great CD player thanks to upsampling and various other features. All PS3 models have analogue audio outputs and if you buy the right model you'll even get SACD playback, analogue stereo and digital multichannel via HDMI. See

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