back to article Opera scrambles to quash zero-day bug in freshly-patched browser

Just a few days after Opera Software patched critical vulnerabilities in its browser, researchers have identified another serious bug that allows attackers to remotely execute malicious code on the machines of people running the most recent version of the software. Opera has vowed to fix the flaw soon. Among the bugs squashed …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    I'm sure that all the Opera users who post that their poo is a special kind of brown every time a Mozilla or IE bug is announced will dutifully post that they, too, are running buggy software in this space.

    Or probably not.

  2. Simpson

    evil browsers

    Why is it that nobody can build a browser?


    It's not just browsers. It's any email client, any office productivity app, anything adobe has ever come in contact with, any software that apple designed themselves, anything from microsoft except (maybe) notepad. It's everything!!

    If Elvis were alive today, he would have a basement full of computers with bullet holes in them.

    Stupid fucking time wasting computers!!

    I am looking forward to RoTM, as it will be the first computer system that works.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This a damn lie

    Every one know that opera has no flaws. It simple cant. If does then why do people say see you need oprea when a bug is found in fire fox or IE.

  4. Steve P

    I'd like to point out...

    that both Internet Explorer and Firefox are planning to incorporate this bug into their next versions.

  5. David Beeston

    And on Safari...

    Just thought I would give it a go on my mac and noticed that my mac mail gets opened?! Seems like everyone's browser is pants!

  6. David


    cuz opera is better, bugs and all it. For a start i dont have to build its features with 3rd party code. Who knows what crap could get installed.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Antisocial networking?

    "It's not just browsers. It's any email client, any office productivity app, anything adobe has ever come in contact with"

    It's anything that relies on content from the outside world to trigger effects on other things.

    Interaction's a bitch.

    Yes, I'm an Opera user. Yes, I'm aware I'm currently running a browser with a security issue. But at least it's a bug, rather than a completely broken security model.

  8. The Mighty Biff

    IE7 rules ! Oh wait...

    Hmm. Click me eh ?

    IE proudly announces that it's blocked a popup ! Then raises a javascript permissions error (sounds good doesn't it ?). Acknowledging the JS error then activates my mail client (Eudora).

    So that's a FAIL then.

  9. Pete

    @ Steve P

    So true, they've copied everything else from Opera, one way or the other, firefox has most of the cool features as extensions though, which makes it a real hassle when you upgrade and find the extensions fail.

    And first poster, at least Opera tries to fix bugs as soon as possible, unlike Microsoft who bury their head in the sand and pretend it doesn't matter.

  10. Codge

    Bugger. Just upgraded to 9.61

    Oh well, at least I feel safer than IE users.

    Once a month updates, if they can be bothered, hardly encourages confidence.

    Tux. Just because.

  11. Steve

    Not just Opera

    SeaMonkey initiates also, but warns.

    I didn't try it with IE for obvious reasons. I'll give Konqueror a shot later tonight.

    And yes, Opera does tend to action things pretty quickly once revealed.

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