back to article Bioshock sequel teaser trailer now showing

A trailer for BioShock 2 has been discovered added on at the end of BioShock on the PS3, which began shipping across the Pond a week or so ago. Bioshock for the PS3 was recently awarded 97% by PSM3 magazine, higher than GTA IV, which was given 96%. Now circulating all over the web, the trailer video for the sequel to what …


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  1. Jason


    SPOILER WARNING FOR BIOSHOCK (for all you PS3 owners)

    First I've heard of the rumours... I think after the Good Ending (which incidentally made me cry, one of the few games to do so) the general feel was that this was supposed to be one of the grown-up Little Sister's, or a child of one, after they were rescued.

    On that note, if it's a prequel, how could she know the model of the Big Daddy?

    I'm loving the period music though, gave me memories of playing through certain levels.

    In any case, this was one of the few games I purchased at full price (got the Collector's Edition too) instead of waiting for the price to go down, since it was worth getting for the experience. I hope that the plot will be as involving as the original, since the world was so absorbing with all those audio tapes etc.

    Let's hope it won't be another 4 years before it's released...

  2. amanfromMars Silver badge

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  3. Fuion

    Back in the real world:

    A real doctor before I die would be a great start.

  4. James O'Brien

    Let the flames begin

    First of all I have yet to finish BioShock. The game is just about totally unplayable. Buggy as hell, crashes worse then windows, I dont even know where to begin. And the utter lack of support from 2K was appaling. This company cares less about the gamer, which oddly enough is why they make money, then they do about the money. Almost a year went by before there was an update that was SUPPOSED to fix the majority of the issues and yet the game is still unplayable. Dont get on me about my system being "under spec" Ill post a log of my hardware if you need proof. Personally I will not be buying this even if its in the bargin bin at KMart. Also what are they going to do for DRM this time? You can only install it on one computer ever and no we are not going to refund activations or anything to that nature? I hate these idiots.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Most overhyped game ever?

    A year later and i'm still baffled by all the hype for Bioshock. I completed the Xbox360 the week after it came out.

    Yes, its an entertaining game with some beautiful design and memorable scenes (the theatre scene with that mad dude's 'art' for instance), but it has a lot of flaws. The biggest are the complete lack of variety in the enemies and that many of the special abilities are pointless.

    I was a bit disappointed that the underwater setting wasn't used to better effect....where were the underwater/flooded levels? Also got a bit fed up with the endless pseudo-geopolitical commentary.....

    Check this out for a realistic (and bloody funny!) review that punctures the BioShock BS:

    I've never bothered loading it up again since the day i finished it... whereas GTA4 hasn't left the disc tray in months! Bioshock 2 therefore not registering on my radar.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Looks like his brain's overloading!

    Cover your heads before amanfromMars' head explodes! Time for a format and reinstall of Vista?

  7. Bad Beaver

    Quality trailer

    "HD" Trailer available:

    Damn flash-junk.

  8. Filippo Silver badge


    Best what of what now? Bioshock is a good game, but, well, that's it. Good plot at the beginning, mostly because they have a really good setting to gradually reeal, but after the "big revelation" you get level after level of FPS grind until the usual "final boss". It's almost as if someone had an upcoming deadline and no time to maintain the quality of the first half of the game.

    And, of course, the DRM on the PC version is nothing less than an insult.

  9. Jonas Taylor

    A sequel, surely?

    "First of all I have yet to finish BioShock. The game is just about totally unplayable. Buggy as hell, crashes worse then windows, I dont even know where to begin. And the utter lack of support from 2K was appaling. This company cares less about the gamer, which oddly enough is why they make money, then they do about the money."

    Nonsense. It sounds like you have a poorly setup computer because it was one of the most polished games of the year and I didn't have a single issue, nor did anyone I know. And what do you mean "crashes worse than Windows"? I have found Vista, and XP before it, to be very stable - with Vista virtually every crash of an application is recoverable. Last, how on Earth do you conclude that they only care about money? Bioshock is considered a work of art and it's patently obviously a huge amount of effort went into it. Your rantings are baseless and only demonstrate your immaturity.

    NEway, surely the trailer suggests a sequel? It looks like a grown up little sister and the barnacles on the logo clearly suggest time has passed.

  10. Dave H
    Thumb Down

    Bah, shooters are all rubbish these days...

    Until there's a DRM-free PC version, I'll never know whether it deserves the hype or not.

    That said, the comments remind me of every other shooter I've played in the past few years (FEAR, Far Cry etc). They all start well, with some nifty concept that sets them apart, then fall apart 30-50% of the way, through repetition and shaky level design.

    So don't blame me for not feeling like I'm missing out on much with Bioshock. There haven't been any genuine shooter classics, since the original versions of Half-Life & Deus Ex.

  11. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Paper Chase Fire Sale Storm

    "Cover your heads before amanfromMars' head explodes! Time for a format and reinstall of Vista?" ....

    Anonymous Coward • Saturday 25th October 2008 16:17 GMT


    A reformatted Master Boot Record, which in a Hacked System is AI Stealthy Embedded Third Party Proxy Driver, aka a Worm/Virus/Trojan/Back Door/Phish .... APhormation ..... should Speed up Vista Virtual Performance Drive.

    Although if Operating Systems Drivers Collude 42 Commandeer the Cloud Space they have Complete Control of the Virtual Spectrum including the Primitives from Infra Red Mists to Ultra Violent Rage. and with Money Markets in NEUKlearer and Ever Present Danger of being XXXXPosed to the Masses as a Crazy Oppressive Fraud, it must be Pretty Obvious to even a Bilind Man on a Galloping Horse, that more of the Same Olde Shenanigans are never going to Work in the Way that they used to...... for there are NeurReal CyberIntelAIgent Players entered onto the Great Game ...... which is Changed.

    Any Questions?

  12. Tony Paulazzo

    Draconian DRM is not a good title

    >That said, the comments remind me of every other shooter I've played in the past few years (FEAR, Far Cry etc). They all start well, with some nifty concept that sets them apart, then fall apart 30-50% of the way, through repetition and shaky level design.<

    That's because most FPS designers know their target market only tend to play for a couple of days before the next shiny bauble captures their attention.

    Although actually, count me guilty. Played this game until I got thru the first locked zone whereupon I was waylaid by a bunch of things all looking suspiciously samey, made it thru there, saved the game and haven't gone back.

    And I loved System Shock... In SS, to hack camera, unlock doors etc you had to enter cyberspace, not play a fricking plumbing mini game, and whilst the robots etal looked suspiciously similar to each other, well, robots do, and the ghouls - well, it was a nineties game. Bioshock has the exact same little sister, freaky woman, crazy man, etc model; it completely destroys immersion. And how many leaks in that underwater city deep in the ocean? yet it maintained its structural integrity apart from one or two set pieces of corridors flooding.

    Bioshock for PC, rent it from EA for £40 today: FAIL.

  13. Dale Morgan

    Greatest console game ever? wtf

    Alex the kid is obviously the best video game ever.

  14. radian


    I played Bioshock on the PC when it first came out, it was ok, pretty good in some places but I personally thought it was a bit overated. Once completed, I never felt the urge to play it again. (I never had a problem with bugs or crashes though)

    Downloaded and completed the PS3 demo, can't say I'll be playing it again.

    Played Far Cry 2 over the weekend, now THAT kicked ass.

  15. Master Baker

    I hate Mondays

    Start of another week, 5 days of _work_ to look forward to, though only 4 this week since I've got Halloween off to go to a fancy dress party.

    I got so drunk last night that I drew a face on my cock with magic marker pens, made a little (yep, literally 'little'- what? It was cold) video on my N95 and MMS'd it to my friends (and my mum, which was a mistake).

    Bio-Shock? Couldn't give a fuck.

  16. Scott
    Thumb Up

    Cant wait for the sequel

    Bioshock has flaws but it was a great game, i completed it 2 times as i enjoyed it so much. The graphics are one of the best for its era. The sound effects are really good for the splicers with creepy laughing and funny songs the splicers sing while walking along. I found the plot to be very original and the games storyline has a nice twist half way through. However i do agree on the fact that the variety of enemies was very limited and that some of the plasmids and weapons were useless.

  17. Martin Lyne

    No mention of..

    Far Cry 2? Why can't we get to see a System Shock 3? Bioshock just seemed like a pale imitation..

  18. Alex


    You mean "Alex Kidd" right?

  19. Mark

    Another Xbox360 exlusive lost..

    Seems to be a trend these days... Unless Microsoft or Sony own you, then you will be making all your games cross platform.

    Thankfully for PS3 owners, Sony own about 40 or so studios, compared to Microsoft's 4. That means many more PS3 exclusives that 360 owners won't be seeing, compared to just Halo (isn't that franchise dead already..) that PS3 owners miss out on..

  20. KB
    Thumb Up

    Looking forward to this

    Bioshock was a great game. Played it on my Vista PC and had no problems whatsoever.

    The atmosphere, setting and artwork of the game is simply stunning and the way the story builds up to <i>that</i> revelation is superb. It's true, the last couple of levels lack the same sense of pace as the earlier stuff, and the closing level and boss battle were probably the weakest part of the game, but it's still a great shooter in one of the best game worlds ever realised.

    Sequel or prequel I don't mind, but I'm looking forward to revisiting that game world again.

  21. Law

    RE: Greatest console game ever? wtf

    Have you tried playing that again recently?? I still love the Alex The Kid in Miracle World theme tune for the opening level, but the playability has nothing on Mario 1 or Pole Position for the Atari. :)

    Wouldn't say Bioshock was best console game ever, but kept me hooked for weeks while I had the flu last year - more than alot of shooters have this generation of consoles.

    Anybody remember resident evil game on ps1... loved that game at the time, also another game I completed while staying home sick for a week... so to me it holds alot of the same qualities, puzzle missions, scary sequences, decent storyline and characters, and very dark....

  22. This post has been deleted by its author

  23. Narse

    CAN any game be the "best ever"?

    I mean, the whole reason I keep gaming (and replaying old games for that matter) is that there are diverse experiences to be had. You can't really compare a FPS to an RPG...they offer the gamer completely different challenges and experience. You could compare within genres, but even that becomes less valid when you have a lot of "crossover" type games. Furthermore, everyone's tastes are different...I thought the story was interesting in Bioshock, but didn't care for the game because I don't care much for FPS gameplay. We're also looking at you, Clive Barker. On the other end of the spectrum, there's next to NO story in most good arcade style action games, but I've wasted more time playing Llamatron (PC Robotron clone) than I should ever admit in public. I love Fatal Frame for the story and the gameplay, but the first time I finished it, I shut it off when I was done, unlike Mario 64 where I kept playing for HOURS after finishing it.

    My point? I really wish people writing about video games (or books, or movies, or music, or whatever) would stay away from such hyperbole. Nothing NEEDS to be the "best ever" can appreciate a wide variety of experiences.


  24. Sam Green
    Thumb Up

    Re: I hate Mondays

    Popular-brand cola product ALL over my keyboard. Thanks.

  25. Mark

    Anoter penis in my bum

    I can't wait to play PS3 exclusive bioshock 2 and 3 and 4.

    Its the bestest feeling putting that warm feeling into the disc drive and letting me play my exclusive games.

    PS3 is much betters than silly 360 people. Up you.

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