back to article El Reg in Street View drive-by snooping

Vulture Central is today in full counter-surveillance lock-down mode following the sighting of a Street View Orwellian black Opel in the very street where El Reg has its London headquarters: Street View spycar close to Vulture Central Realising he'd been rumbled by the member of our editorial team who'd just happened to pop …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The mashup map shows no sightings in Swindon... perhaps they don't need to now that there are a few cameras going spare (even if they are in static yellow boxes!)

  2. TheThing
    Black Helicopters


    Can I just check something please. Presumably "full counter-surveillance lock-down mode" involves going to the pub and staying there?

  3. Stephen Gazard

    enable scroll wheel on map?

    Am I the only one who thinks that enabling scrolling on google maps is a good idea. Being able to zoom in on congested sections of the map like the south-east would be much more useful.


  4. Jamie Kitson

    Bloody Hell

    That's a posh address you have.

  5. Geoff Webber
    Paris Hilton

    on the phone again

    Is the operator on the phone? or is he merely resting his head in his left hand.

    Its not the first time one of the google ops have been spotted driving and phoning

    Paris looks as if she's on the dog and bone

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Circle of avoidance?

    It appears that Google is now branching out to many parts of the country but there is a definate circle of avoidance round Stoke-on-Trent!!

  7. Alastair Smith
    Thumb Up

    @Jamie Kitson beat me to it.

    El Reg is obviously doing well for itself. Good on yer!

  8. Nick L

    Extreme privacy measures

    I see from your pix that one of your neighbours even wrapped their building in polythene to avoid being Gooviewed ...

  9. Goubert

    @Nick L

    He should have used good ol' tinfoil.

    Plus, it's shiny.

  10. Neil Greatorex

    @Circle of avoidance?

    What about the whole of the county of Lincolnshire ?

    Mind you, it's so bloody flat where I live, they could park the black Opel and snap the lot. :-)

  11. Ray
    Paris Hilton


    he's a snoop snooping, so no, he's not on the phone. he's sippin on gin and juice, fo shizzle.

    paris coz... BYATCH!

  12. Paul Bottomley
    Thumb Up


    I hope all yours are lillywhite?

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Posh Address

    As others have said, that's one hell of a swanky location you've got for your headquarters.

    You must be absolutely loaded if you can afford a W1 / SW1 postcode.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    Wot I want to know is . . .

    . . .when are the buggers going to be actually releasing UK Street view.

    Seems to me they didn't bother covering the entirity of the US before releasing their street view thang.

    Of course, I just want to browse the UK looking for flasher totty. Ladies of the 'slapper' variety.


    I posted that one farthest east in the centre of Coventry (going anon!) and I have to say, they've been spotted by other people at my workplace driving up and down the same roads weeks after my sighting.

    I get it - confusion tactics! Throw the unwashed masses off the scent of their devious schemes.

  15. Elmer Phud
    Black Helicopters

    re: Wot I want to know is . . .

    "they've been spotted by other people at my workplace driving up and down the same roads weeks after my sighting."

    Now you're not so sure which one is the Googlemobile.

    Who do the rest of them belong to? How many other nefarious organisations are posing as Googlesnoops and recording all they see and hear around them?

    Are they recording or transmitting? - Oh, of course you can't hear anything, but maybe your dog can.

    Maybe watching what your looking at on your PC (or Mac or SCC or mobe ffs).

  16. Ciqala Burt

    Ahh the reg is literally around the corner from here (warwick street)

    if any of the more irate subjects of FOTW want to hire me to exact revenge on those nastry reg journo's I am sure you'll be pleasantly surprised by my rates.

    alternatively the reg can put me on a retainer to prevent such unpleasantness altogether, A pint a week at any of the following pubs would be more than acceptable as payment

    - the crown

    - the devonshire arms

    - the glasshouse stores

  17. Huw Davies

    @Ciqala Burt

    "alternatively the reg can put me on a retainer to prevent such unpleasantness altogether, A pint a week at any of the following pubs would be more than acceptable as payment"

    A pint a WEEK? Are you insane?

    I'd be pushing for "get me absolutely trollied at least once a week or mildy merry at least three times"

    Where have our standards gone to?

  18. Chris

    @Huw Davies

    Well we are constantly being told that we are skint, so be glad you're getting a pint at all...

    or should that be two-thirds of a pint?

  19. Huw Davies


    I might be skint, El Reg are obviously loaded...

  20. Simon Deane-Johns

    Google snooper

    I've seen one drive through Shepherds Bush - fast. Some of the pound shop signage on the Green will probably come out a little blurry.

    Is there a reason the "Google" sign on the door is so small?

  21. Nick


    I saw one and advised of the sighting around J9 Wednesbury, but as I didn't have a photo, El Reg obviously didn't see fit to publish it.

    Anyone know when these maps might be going live?

  22. Ed

    It's small...

    The sign is small because it's just stuck on. I guess it's cheaper to get small sticky door signs than big ones...

    And, going fast round Shepherds Bush? Not sure how they managed that, I'm always in a traffic jam there...

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So you guys work... the corner of Faceless Orwellian Government Building Road and Fancy Finial'd Fairytale Avenue?

    Someone could stand at your front door and simultaneously film sequels to Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang and Brazil!

  24. Herby

    Now for a contest...

    Find the first Google Street view that has a Google snooper car in its sights. I don't know if there are any, but it would be interesting to find one.

  25. Dave
    Black Helicopters

    Of course, by the time this comment appears...

    ...somebody else will already have observed that the registration number ends "AYB".

  26. Mike Plowman

    Live Google Car Update site

    What we really need is a live update site where people can text in when they have spotted a Google car, like tha paparazzi's have in the US for knowing where celebs have popped up.

    This would enable Reg readers to hotfoot it to the area if they were close by and attempt to get snapped with silly face, trousers down, simulating sexual activities etc.

    Come on Register, how about a prize for any reader who can manage to get themselves on Uk Streteview pic holding a a Register Logo?

  27. This post has been deleted by its author

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    A quick lesson in 'Orwellian'

    Not Orwellian: A camera taking a single series of pictures which are integrated into a free mapping service.

    Orwellian: Tens of thousands of cameras, arrayed throughout the city, and remotely controlled by government employees whose goal it is to alter public behavior as a whole.

    See how that works? Yeah.

  29. steve-C

    Belfast avoidance

    They seem to be avoiding the "compicated" bit of the UK, y'know, N.Ireland. Don't see any sightings logged there.


    A. This is another of those "UK" things that ends with "filthy paddies not welcome" (which only annoys me because I had to sit through the advert BEFORE being given the old "no dogs, no blacks, no irish" line......If I can't have your product, please can I have 40 seconds of Formula1 back?)


    B. They like their knees they way they are, and have correctly deduced that taking a picture of Big Jamsie's Stolen Goods and Cut-Price Firearms Emporium, might not be the smartest thing to do.

    Flames, cos that's how the snoopmobile will end up if it DOES pay old BellShaft a visit.

  30. Huw Davies


    You get your F1 back next year when it returns to the Beeb.

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    El Reg worse than Google?

    In that second picture you didn't blur out the pedestrians faces.

    Shame on you, El Reg!

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