back to article Support grows for Intel's mobile Linux despite slip

Delays to the latest version of Intel's project putting an open-source stack on its Atom processors have not deterred IT companies from early backing for the platform. Start-up Good OS has announced a relationship with MiTAC International to deliver its gOS Gadgets Linux operating system on a netbook based on Intel's Moblin 2. …


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  1. John Robson Silver badge

    If thats a real boot time then woohoo

    Why hibernate if the boot sequence is 5 seconds (I know, you get to keep your documents open - seriously how many do you work on?

    I'd love a machine that booted that fast, I might even turn it off overnight. Shame most POST sequences take longer than that...

  2. James Pickett


    "boot time of five seconds"

    Still not as fast as Apricot's "instant" start-up of Windows, but maybe they were exaggerating. I wonder..?

  3. Paul
    IT Angle

    Mitac == Tyan

    odd how brands shift and change, and then come back!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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