back to article Winning contestant dies during competitive eating event

The sport of competitive eating was given a shocking reminder yesterday that gorging oneself with a daunting amounts of greasy food in an extremely short period of time may have negative effects on health. A Taiwanese graduate student vying for the "Big Stomach King" contest at Dayeh University died on Tuesday just before he …


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  1. Simon
    Paris Hilton

    slack jhonralizm?

    "two buns filled with rice and cheese as well as some of his teammate's food"

    They would be elephant sized buns then or a duff bit of automatic translation (that would be the IT angle, then...).

    Paris, because she can (video evidence) scoff more than that.

  2. JK

    Darwin award?

    Is he eligible?

  3. Jach

    Life imitates Simpsons

    Anyone else think of the episode where Homer competes with the trucker in a meat eating contest and the trucker dies after finishing?

  4. Ricky H

    sickening & sad

    Almost as bad as the woman who held her Wee for a Wii. Do humans really care about suffering (starvation) thousands of miles away in countries they will never visit? At a time of global shocks and shortages, any kind of excess should be shunned by the media not promoted.

    Have a heart !

  5. Elmer Phud


    Sad? possibly the sad bugger who thought that eating competitions were a good thing.

    And sickening still those who promote the idea of stuffing yer gut.

    What do you expect but dead people.

    But, there are places on the planet where such events would be labelled as 'sport' and the Olympic Committee would be hassled in to including speed and quantity eating for the games.

  6. Andrew Barr

    Cost of Life

    in this case £38 - walks away shaking head!!!!

    Stop - cos he did!!

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This reminds me of...

    the cartoon Mickey and the beanstalk where Goofy and Donald are singing about food and how they "wanna eat and eat and eat and eat and eat until they die...."

  8. Winkypop Silver badge

    "Big Stomach King"

    Is that a franchise of Burger King?

  9. Seán


    Cool, death strikes someone who truly deserves it. I hope everyone who entered the competition was poisoned by fate.

  10. Simpson

    I imitate life

    Note to self: Do not enter rice eating contest.

    Rice absorbs water and expands. I would think that rice is not the ideal food for a eating contest.

    @Ricky H,

    Your guilt is not misplaced, it really is all your fault.

  11. david

    I can eat 50 eggs..., I meam buns

  12. Alex
    IT Angle

    ....How MUCH?!



    Shame, shame...

  13. Chris Paulson
    Dead Vulture


    >Do humans really care about suffering (starvation) thousands of miles away in countries they will never visit?


  14. Anonymous Coward

    two buns filled with rice and cheese

    my money's on the rice being undercooked.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    New headline

    Death catches up with "Big Stomach King" title winner

    Nominated for Darwin Award instead

  16. Brian
    Paris Hilton

    Rice Pudding...

    We used to have an Ambrosia Creamed Rice contest at Uni - 32 seconds was my best for downing 1/2 pint of the creamy nectar :o)

    I guess the guy was just unlucky, since one of my mates used to be able to do 6 Big Macs at one go, so two rice/cheese buns sounds a bit soft.

    Paris, just because of the buns.

  17. kerlmann

    All for one (and me for myself?)

    @Chris Paulson

    Humans clucking well should care about the fate of the rest of the planet. In case you hadn't noticed, we're all here living together at the same time - separated by a few thousand miles of land and sea, and although you might not believe it, we're all the same species. I thought it was human nature to show a little compassion about others? Or is it out of sight, out of mind? Head in the sand, I'm all right jack, tough crap on the rest of the planet?

    Thank your lucky stars folks that you were born into the relatively rich west (yes, credit crunch notwithstanding), which, for all its faults, is an infinitely better place to live in than a resource-poor nation controlled by a megalomaniac who doesn't give a fig about the welfare of the people he purports to serve. You can take your pick from dozens, if not hundreds of these.

    Have a little perspective.

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