back to article Bespoke top level domains 'to cost $200,000'

Internet overseer ICANN plans to reform the top level domain (TLD) naming system so anyone can set up a new registry, but it seems web plebs will have to make do with boring old .com and friends. According to a report, the price for a bespoke TLD will be announced this Friday at about $200,000. The price tag will help ICANN …


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  1. Peter Hewitt
    Paris Hilton


    and will your distinguished organ be purchasing any?

    .paris, because she'll wonder why all her sites are in french

  2. Jimmy Floyd

    Mad mad mad

    The whole idea of adding more TLDs is incredibly stupid.

    "Hmm, domain name land grabs have always proven to be chaotic, expensive and time-consuming. Let's do it again."

  3. Ralph B


    A .london TLD? WTF?

    According to Wikipedia (OK, I know) there's 2 Londons in each of Alabama and Ohio, one each in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Illinois. There's also Londons in Canada, Belize, Equatorial Guinea, Finland, and Nigeria. Oh, yes, and UK.

    And they want to do this for all city names?

    And they want to have random non-heirarchical names for anyone with $200K?

    Pure greed-driven madness!

    The Kentucky casino domain name grab has already proved the US is not to be trusted with this stuff. Now they want to FU the TLDs!

    Enough already. Pass control of TLDs to the UN. Make the USians use the .us TLD and then they can simply firewall anything that doesn't have it. Put them in the Unsullied Sandbox of America where they belong.


  4. Calum Morrison

    My choice.

    Can I get .cotton or .matrix please?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    I'd like to register...


  6. Natalie Gritpants
    Paris Hilton

    It'll also discourage all but the wealthiest.

    And the porn industry.

    Pairs? try www.onenightinparis

  7. david

    what happens if...

    The whole world clubs together to create, say, a .geographic TLD.

    Then are they free to add (sell off), .london.ontario.canada.geographic etc through the whole gazeteer.

    and ICANN gets one top level domain fee?

  8. jimbarter


    that is all

  9. It wasnt me


    The whole world cant club together to feed the poor or even stop filling the air with crap. Theyre hardly going to put millenia of conflict behind then to piss Icann off are they?

    Are you a troll?

  10. Peter Kay

    20 million quid, my arse

    More like price gouging and trebles all round for ICANN..

    For 200 grand no system is needed at all. It'll happen infrequently enough for all the administrators of the root servers to be paid to manually edit config files, or any database that happens to be behind the root DNS.

  11. Gary F

    Stupid idea

    How to turn something reasonably logical that works into chaos that will cause complete confusion. This is greed driven, not need driven.

  12. Jiminy Krikett
    Thumb Down

    Oh deary me...

    ....this is going to end it tears, by the bucketful !!

  13. Paul R


    if the $200K is purely to cover the $20M cost of implementation then once there have been 100 new TLDs registered, they'll back of the fee then?

    Didn't think so.

  14. lIsRT

    This should be interesting,

    What would happen if someone registered .1 ?

    Suddenly the loopback stops looping back ...

  15. Ken Hagan Gold badge

    I want .us

    It isn't being used right now, but it might be worth a fortune one day.

    Seriously, though, will there be a ban on two- and three-letter TLDs, on the grounds that at some point in the future a new country might come along and would then *need* that domain as its country-code domain? Perhaps .vla might be a test case?

    This is *such* an ill-though-out venture that it surely represents the last nail in ICANNs coffin, banged in by their own fair hand.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What a bunch of .arse

    'nuff said....

  17. alphaxion

    ICANN-has cheeze

    I covered this in a Rocketboom episode that I scripted a couple of weeks ago.

    Thing is, with the OpenDNS, there is already an "underground" version of this free for all. Wonder if it's worth checking out to see what kinda of mess this is in or if it's one of those "great in theory, breaks badly when the unwashed get their hands on it" situations.

  18. The Fuzzy Wotnot
    Thumb Down

    Will it work though?

    It's all about whom or what got there first!

    What do people in the UK call their vacuum cleaners? Yep, it's the first company who managed to make it big. You don't say get the vacuum cleaner out, you shout "Grab the Hoover!".

    So by that token when your average Joe talks about a website he thinks "www" and ".com" on the end, with whatever brand is in between. The number of arguments that have come about when I have asked my old man to go to site X only to find that he has automatically assumed

    No one will remember or, will they?

  19. david

    I don't think...

    ...I'm a troll.

    So if not the whole world (that was facetious) an enterprising geezer with 200k to invest...

  20. Anonymous Coward

    @The Fuzzy Wotnot

    X ->

    you couldv'e caused a meltdown if you asked him to go to XYZ!

  21. Anon
    Paris Hilton

    Someone lend me...

    $200,000 so I can set up .xxx please?

  22. halfcut

    I want .doc

    ...should be good for a laugh.

    Will the cyrillic one be .commie ?

  23. Ben Mathews


    I want .exe

  24. kain preacher


    Nope xxx has been banned .

  25. Yes Me Silver badge


    It isn't likely, fortunately, that a modest number of vanity TLDs will break anything too badly. The main impact seems likely to be how many fat-fingered typing errors will cause bogus queries to the root servers, looking for .londin or whatever.

    If people want to give .bogon registrars free money for nonsense, why worry? It's just another form of income redistribution, something we so badly need in these desperate times...

  26. Mike


    and set up wildcard entries pointing to HTTP proxies directing to tor hidden services? could be interesting if tor hidden services could be accessed with or without tor with the same URL

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    ...Sounds like a good choice. Visit our web site at

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward



    looks nice

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