back to article Google reports itself for aiding and abetting malware distribution

Google has castigated itself for being an intermediary for malware. The search giant's Safe Browsing diagnostic tool reports that avoids spreading malware directly itself but did act as an "intermediary for the infection of three site(s) including,," over the last 90 days …


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  1. TeMerc
    Black Helicopters

    Don't forget Blogspot.....

    If they were to include that they'd never be listed as safe.

    Last week I was able to get Google to slash some 600 urls which many were spewing malware via redirects if users closed a pop up.

    They acted fast and killed them in under an hour. Sadly tho, that same gang is still in action as of last nite. Many of the links I checked are not displaying pop ups but with so many at any given time, I'm sure there are others I may not have checked yet or overlooked.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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