back to article One billion unwanted opinions in real-time: Now SHOUTED at you

Hats off to young British entrepreneur Chris Ridgeon for developing a new tool for self-expression. which launches today describes itself as "the world's voice-based social and discussion forum" - and delivers exactly what it promises on the tin. Instead of simply spraying your thoughts onto the Hive Mind's …


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  1. beast666

    FFS what an EPIC FAIL!

    I've listened to a few random threads on here and I have now chewed my own leg off in desperation... Who cares?!? At least you can speed-read crap blogs... God this is such a bad idea...

  2. Mike Flugennock

    Oh, God, if you exist, please kill me NOW.

    Just spent about two minutes there, and it was all I could stand. There's this one thread featuring people mumbling about whether they love or hate Marmite. Oh, sweet friggin' Jayzus.

    ...anybody else here remember that old Monty Python sketch, a tv talk show called "Interesting People". John Cleese played a guest who was interested in shouting. "OH YEAH, I'M INTERESTED IN SHOUTIN', ALRIGHT! I DO BELIEVE YOU'VE 'IT THE NAIL ON THE 'EAD WIF THAT PARTICULAR OBSERVATION OF YOURS, KEN!!!"

  3. brian

    so how long...

    ...until those, erm, interesting emails that mysteriously end up in my spam folder will take over this site?

    I think the spam song might be more appropriate.

  4. nav
    Thumb Up

    there is a future for this i think

    hmm at the moment from what's on the site you may well be tempted to say what's the point!? but i can see this approach being integrated to written forums - one immediate positive is that you are likely to get a more original debate going than if you are limited to text

  5. Jeremy

    Oh good god no.

    I've just put it on my browser's block list on the off chance that I ever mistakenly click that link again.

    Why on earth would anyone want to listen to the banal chatter of a thousand angst-ridden emo teenagers?

  6. Anonymous Coward


    That's two minutes of my life I'll never get back. I think that site goes on my list of sties to totally avoid.

    Mines the one with the ticket to mars in the pocket, cos sites like this are proof the world is going to implode any minute.

  7. Andy Bright

    re: Oh good god no.

    "Why on earth would anyone want to listen to the banal chatter of a thousand angst-ridden emo teenagers?"

    Pretty much the same thought that runs through my head every time someone mentions web 2.0, blogs, myspace or whatever other "inane drivel = the new internet" shite.

    Tell you what. For a small (large) sum of money, I volunteer to go to every school I can possibly visit in one year, and let all the kids know "The world doesn't give a fucking shit about you, shut up and learn something that isn't on Wikipedia, now fuck off and take your myspace shite with you.".

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Only time you get a decent conversation

    nowadays, is when you talk to yourself :)

    But, I don't think I really want to hear the mutterings of others, so I will be giving that a miss.

    Still, sound is something the web needs to embrace more, and computer generated speech is quite an interesting area. Festival and mbrola have been coming along, but they need more work done on them. Not that this endeavour will push those project along, just saying that's all.

  9. Andrew Moore

    Isn't this already being done...

    ...with those stupid Talking Head videos on YouTube???

  10. Peter Gold badge

    Let me guess, Tears for Fears?

    That intro triggered a memory, I presume you were mentally referring to Shout fro Tears for Fears?

    Cute :-)

  11. Sandra Greer

    A new place for illiterates!

    At least with the stupid discussions, the dummies have to be able to write or at least type their drivel.


    No. No. No. No.

    Sweet jayzus.

    - I tried to think of ways that the site could be useful. Even clicked around to see what sort of passionate debates are going back and forth. Let's hear someone get passionate about their chosen topic, I thought. I found none. Instead I stumbled on paramore_lover's posts.

    FFS - There is no defence for this site. Seriously FFS.

    I'm off to scrub out my ears with bleach.

  13. Kanhef
    Paris Hilton

    @Sandra Greer

    The inability to spell or write coherent sentences has never been a barrier to idiots. (Sarah Palin's responses to simple questions are a good example of the inability to form a coherent thought.)

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Why do i get the feeling that this guys gonna make a lotta cash out of this heheheh

  15. Hichame Assi


    Why is this any different than the video-based

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    How is babby formed? I think by removing the barrier of "Being able to use a keyboard" we're lowering the requirements for entry a little bit too far. Its going to be like Yahoo Answers, only worse.

  17. Andy ORourke

    The sooner the better

    Just think if this was the only way to communicate on the web then next time you are having that "chat" with busty Samantha, the 18 year old hottie you met in second life, you would really know that she wasnt actualy John, the 48 year old, beer swilling moron pretending to be Samantha

  18. TeeCee Gold badge

    Nothing amazing here - move along.

    I'm sure that this has been thought of before. However, to date, it had only been thought of by people with sufficient good taste to just wince, shudder slightly and then forget about the whole thing.

  19. Tim

    Was tempted to laugh this off like everyone else, but...

    I can see the kidz getting into this. Most of us here would never touch it but this could be the perfect website for 8-13 year olds - and there's a lot of them on the internet. He could do alright. Of course there's nothing there (that they'd want) that you couldn't do with a Skype conference call.

  20. Eddie Edwards
    Thumb Down

    This is why ...

    This is why I don't have speakers connected to my PC.

  21. James Hughes


    Not my cup to tea, but hey, it'll find its place. It's just a forum with speech instead of text (so, no, not like Skype, or youtube as other posters said), but that means its pretty easy to find the conversations you want. Early days, but could go far.

  22. DZ-Jay

    Re: We(')re on




  23. Andy Barber

    Turing test

    Has it passed the Turing test then? How do we know it's a load of zombies/PC's chatting with each other.

  24. Chris Cheale

    There is a point...

    It's a three point plan.

    1: stick a WAI logo on it

    2: sell the tech to vBulletin

    3: retire to the Bahamas

  25. Sceptical Bastard

    Thread: "Arts & Culture"

    "This topic does not currently contain any threads / shouts. Please feel free to create one and start this topic on its way!"

    Says it all, really...

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