back to article Oracle cites 'screw up' for BEA support outage

Oracle has moved to re-assure users on legacy versions of BEA Systems software their products are safe, after online support became suddenly unavailable. The database giant blamed a "logistical screw up" in moving WebLogic and AquaLogic upgrades, services packs, and old release from the old BEA site to Oracle's Technology …


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  1. Justin Kestelyn

    To be 100% clear...

    ...these bits were never intended to migrate to OTN, which is designed for evangelism, not support (only two most recent versions of any product are download-able from there).

    So, wherever they end up living, it is not likely to be OTN.

    Justin Kestelyn - Snr Dir, OTN

This topic is closed for new posts.

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