back to article Dell: 'We will out-pace the rest of the industry'

Dell claims it will out-pace the rest of the PC industry this year. But that may not be much of a boast. The company doesn't know whether the industry is actually on the way up. "For the first nine months of this year, according to IDC, Dell grew a few points faster than the overall industry for our unit growth," Michael Dell …


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  1. Chris Shewchuk
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    So much for core business...

    Heaven forbid you use the extra cash from firing all those employees to stay afloat during an economic recession and focus on your core business. Better buy some companies, instead.

    Nearly a thousand people (low-income and needing the work) here in Edmonton lost jobs at a Dell call support centre. This call support centre was controversial to begin with; it was a result of Edmonton wooing Dell with lucrative tax breaks. And Dell has the audacity to close the damn centre long before the contract was due to expire. Classy.

    Why keep low-income North Americans employed as tech support when you can get rid of them and outsource to India, and then buy a few dead-end Web 2.0 companies with the spare change? Product quality, customer satisfaction and profits can only go up, right?

    Drivelling idiots.

    Ok, I'm done being bitter.

  2. Anonymous Coward


    Don't feel too bad. By the time Bush2 finishes with the US - we will all be out of jobs. At least you will have some health care up there.

    Should I wear my heavy coat when I move north?

  3. Francis Vaughan
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    Shoddy logic

    "But despite his braggadocio, his company's stock price is down 6 per cent today in NASDAQ trading."

    Unlike the rest of the NASDAQ, which is 6.1% down at close? Seriously, that is a peculiarly shoddy bit of logic. Even more shoddy would be ascribing any sort of rational action to the current markets.

  4. Anonymous Coward


    They could start by making their website faster. It's always so sloooooow!

  5. jon


    well i gave up waiting for my new laptop after three weeks and bought the Asus instead.

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