back to article Touchscreen-equipped BlackBerry Bold en route?

Research in Motion (RIM) is secretly developing a BlackBerry handset that’s set to be out of this world, leaked info about the phone suggests. The firmis thought to be working on a talker that’s already been dubbed the 'Bold with a touchscreen'. Aaccording to an account by website BGR, the unconfirmed phone has been codenamed …


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  1. Ryan
    Paris Hilton

    Vodafone TV adverts

    This phone has been advertised as an exclusive in the UK to the Vodafone handset. The adverts for the phone have been running in prime-time for the past week and the phone should be available from Vodafone within the next few weeks.

    Paris-because she will need to have the latest Blackberry to throw at Naomi Campbell in the next cat fight!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The adverts are for the Storm - a solely touchscreen device, this article refers to a Storm/Bold hybrid with touchscreen and a physical keyboard.

  3. Dam Smith
    Thumb Up

    RIM's innovation

    RIM always gives some new and innovative to its Blackberry lovers. That is why Blackberry handsets and Blackberry accessories remain in demand in the market.

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