back to article Italy, Poland threaten veto on EU green package

Italy and Poland have threatened to veto the EU's proposed new measures against climate change. The two nations argue that their economies cannot stand the costs of the green legislation as it now stands. EU Observer quotes Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi, announcing his intention to block the plans, as saying: "Our businesses …


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  1. Alexis Vallance

    Will never work

    This is why trying to agree cutbacks will never ever work. Rich nations cannot preach to less developed ones and hold them back by trying to scupper their economies under the guise of 'climate change'.

  2. Dominik Mierzejewski
    Black Helicopters


    > Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorksi took a similar line, [...]

    It's "Sikorski".

    We have to get some concessions, because our energy is produced mostly from coal, unlike in any other European country. Yes, it's a consequence of the combination of natural resource (un)availability, fear of nuclear power (hence no nuclear power facilities) and the long years of communist regime. And our idiot president has agreed to the green package earlier, so we have to deal with that somehow.

    Black helicopters, because you can't call the president "an idiot" in this country anymore...

  3. Andy Barber

    @ Alexis Vallance

    Italy a less developed nation? It was one of the founders of the EEC, now called the EU.

    Mine's the blue one with 12 yellow stars on the back!

  4. Chris Miller
    Thumb Down

    But surely ...

    ... the economic downturn (mustn't use the r-word) and huge increases in energy prices (even if they've dropped back down a bit in recent weeks) will combine to reduce our CO2 emissions without any need for government junkets to Singapore/Kyoto/Bali? Or is it perhaps the case that the proposed cuts in UK emissions are roughly equivalent to China delaying the opening of their next coal-fired power station by a couple of months??

    I only ask because I want to know ...

  5. Anonymous Coward


    if we don't find better burden-sharing inside the package," he said.

    Just take civilization back 6000 years to the dinosaurs and we're right where we need to be. How the hell does anyone think this is possibly realistic in any country of the world without bringing that country to its collective economic knees (we're already set on our collective backsides by the crooked banking and investment communities...never mind stupid, misguided politicos)

    Everybody stop driving 3 days a week. Everybody turn your home heating back to 50. everybody brick over those inefficient windows. Start wearing 42 layers of clothes and walk uphill to school and back uphill home again (old urban myth) Turn out all those lights you're using for nothing. Stop reading, using electronics (including computers) and grow all your own food. No mowing lawns, no buses, no trains, no road cameras, no telly...... you starting to get the picture now?

    oh yeah, sorry no technology to allow windfarms or solar cells...that would use power to produce and we can't do that, either...

    Just remember, there's a crapload cost to all this and it's going to be YOU paying. Anyone in favor of big steps...move up here to the front of the line with your checkbook in tow.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Berlusconi does not agree ?

    Well, Sylvio, we know that you don't like anybody butting in on your prerogatives, nor do you like hearing anyone give you instructions. You've publicly stated that you didn't like Euro money, and it is obvious that, if Brussels were in Italy, you'd have that city under martial law all year round.

    Strangely enough, when the time comes to commit billions to a European project to save the financial sector, you play along in silence and voice no protest.

    But come some pinko hippy project to avert global climate change (if that is even possible), and there's a fine opportunity to swing your arms again, eh ?

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Good grief

    Is there the slightest chance that some of these politicians actually research Global Warming/ Climate Change? Don't they know that the hockeys stick graph is fake? Don't they know that the computer models have failed to predict anything that proves global warming? Don't they know that a lot of the ever increasingly alarmist warnings of doom are based on theories which fly in the face of basic physics?

    These idiots will be recorded in history as extremist, alarmist egotists who failed to be brave enough to state the obvious - whilst we all want to safeguard our environment it has to be done within the bounds of what is sensible and morally right. Science is never fixed.

  8. Mark
    Paris Hilton

    re: Good grief

    Why would they know that? It's all wrong.

    The hockey stick "proof of fakedom" has been proven wrong. The models have proven AGW whereas the proof of there being GW has been left up to the actual planet and that's proven it. And the only flying in the face of basic physics are the denialists like yourself making shit up.

  9. Mark
    Paris Hilton

    Oh dear.

    "civilization back 6000 years to the dinosaurs and we're right where we need to be."

    Need anything more be said?

    Sad sad day for "Wise Man". I think there IS a new species of man. As well as "homo sapiens sapiens" there's "homo deciduous planus" or "wot a plank" in english...

  10. Pete McLaren


    Hey Mark you are just the man the world needs. From your answers you obviously have hard facts that totally prove Global warming. There are sites which are desperate for someone like you. They've been waiting for years and now, at last, you come along.

    How does $500K grab you? All you need to do is provide scientific proof of man made global warming. You've said you do, so the money is as good as yours.

    I look forward to seeing you the nightly news taking the "deniers" money and proving once and for all that your religious zeal that is global warming belief has proved correct.

    Can't wait.

    Actually I'd probably pay good money to watch you win the money!

  11. Mark


    They are readily available.

    Do you have anything that proves it doesn't exist?

    NOTE: don't try the old weather = climate gag. It's real old. Think of this: if you had temperature as your ONLY guide and the idea that maximum temperature was at midsummer, how many years worth of data would you have to collect to be 95% certain of getting midsummer date right within a week of June 22nd.

    It'd be getting on for 50 years.

    Figures you can independently test for yourself. No need to trust me. Trust yourself.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    Step up to the plate

    Are you really saying that temp isn't relevant to GW?

    The offer of $500K is genuine. So why don't you take it up? go to Enter your details and because you have the proof the money is yours. Simple.

    You trust NASA? the 3000 bouys they launched into the oceans ALL, and that is in total ALL, have consistently returned values which show the temperature is falling. Their measurement of sea ice for both the Arctic and Antarctic shows huge levels of new ice from last year onwards. The troposphere shows no sign of warming. The satellite global temp records show no temp rise at all.

    1997 being the warmest summer ever? No. The warmest was 1934 and five of the ten warmest on record are prior to 1940.

    Fact. The hockey stick is hockum. Proved over and over again. Mann won't even debate it or provide the actual methods of how he achieved it.

    No warming. It may even get colder, a lot colder. The sad part of this is that the poor of the world are going to suffer because of bad environmentalist politics. They already have less food than before and we are all paying more for food and power.

  13. Mark

    you're listening to the voices in your head

    odd youshould claim I counted temerature irrelevant to GW when I posted the statement "it all yuou hat was temperature ... how owuld you be able to tell the midsummer date"

    Ten years isnn't climate.

    Even using temeratures.

    I notice you haven't taken the data adn found tourself the anwer to "what counts as climate"


    Heck, I shopuldn't be suprised, you don't even have the balls to use your name here.

    Unless Mrs Coward WAS your momma.

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