back to article Touchscreen desktop Eee due November

Asus' iMac-alike all-in-one touchscreen-equipped desktop Eee PC is due to arrive in the UK toward the end of November, local retail sites reckon. The new desktop, which comes under the ungainly model number ETP1602-WT-X0010, is Asus' biggest screen Eee PC yet: it's got a 16:10-ratio, 15.6in touch-sensitive panel, though at …


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  1. Alex Walsh
    Thumb Down

    How odd

    What an odd combination- desktop and touchscreen. Not the combination I'd have expected.

  2. David Gosnell

    Optical drives

    Wot no DVD drive? No excuse.

  3. KenBW2
    Paris Hilton

    Put it into a wall/desk

    for that added Star Trek feel.

    Also, Windows XP? Isn't that the tabbed Linux UI?

    Paris, cos this model doesn't have one

  4. William Towle

    Re: Put it into a wall/desk

    <quote>Also, Windows XP? Isn't that the tabbed Linux UI?</quote>

    Dual boot, or possibly ExpressGate* (SplashTop)?

    * a stripped-down Linux environment stored in Flash ROM [which] allows users who are in a hurry to bypass Windows, loading the Firefox web browser, Adobe Flash, Skype, and a photo viewer "within a few seconds." [source:]

  5. William Towle

    ...though on closer inspection

    the machine shown appears to have the Asus Easy Mode program running in a Keramik [KDE themed] window, so there are numerous possibilities (beyond my previous suggestions) as to what's going on.

    There is an interesting "Eee Top hands on" video here,,

    including Asus' Easy Mode for Windows and a rumour MicroSoft are to provide an equivalent of their own by the end of the year (there are alternatives "in the wild" too).

    These are interesting times.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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