back to article Microsoft's Patch Tuesday plugs critical holes in IE, Office

Microsoft on Tuesday issued updates plugging at least 20 security holes in Windows, Office, and other products. They came as miscreants sent out phony emails urging people to download malware that masqueraded as critical Windows alerts. Among the critical bugs squashed were several hiding in Version 6 of the Internet Explorer …


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  1. Pete Forman

    Windows Search 4.0 is included

    Amongst all the critical fixes Microsoft have snuck in Windows Search 4.0. This indexes your desktop and puts a search box in your task bar. While many might find that useful, I'd rather not have it installed by default. Fortunately it can be got rid off in Add or Remove Programs.

  2. Aaron

    No Interaction

    "The vulnerabilities could allow attackers to remotely install malware on a machine with no interaction required from the user"

    Ironically my PC which had been set to download but let me choose when to install updates for some reason decided to download AND install without my interaction. Checking Automatic Updates in Control Panel shows that it had been changed somehow.

    Ah crap, now it's making me reboot in 5 mins.

    Now I just need to figure out what it decided to install without my approval.

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