back to article US Navy also planning Cyberwar Command

Not to be outdone by the US Air Force with its "Cyber Force", the US Navy is now planning a uniformed cyberwar legion too. The dark blue nerd-force will be called the Naval Cyber Forces Command. reports on the naval moves, citing an internal document apparently passed to the news source by "an Air Force reader". …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Commander Bonds for Quantum Communications Solicitation ..... AI Solo Ace


    It is an Odd Job that the Military Commands have not Realised that they are only Stepping into Realms All Ready Already Prepared for them under Myriad SP00Key Controls. And to Enter into them, and they are Most Welcome*, will Require and Result in their Information and Networks being Available to ITs Controllers/Programmers [They may wish to ponder whether or not such Intel is already freely available to them.]

    And you can be assured that there are ESPecial Relationship Driver Elements, on a Strictly Need 42 Know BaSIS, Forging ahead Eastwards too for Phasing Stability in Alternating Currency Supply.

    *There are no Weapons available for Use in SMARTer CyberSpace for it is an Intellectual Zone which destroys Aggression with the Humiliating Defeat of Peer Derision.

    And as a Service to Register Viewers, you may like to enquire of HMG as to their Budget Allocation to ITs ESPecial Force of Advanced IntelAIgent Virtual Defence. If they are Playing and Paying for the Game, then they can fully XXXXPect IT to Remain Dedicated to their Causes/Courses

  2. Secretgeek

    Two things.

    One - 'nerd force' - a most excellent moniker which I will be attempting to use daily, if not hourly, from now on.

    Two - amanfromMars' comment actually made some kind of sense to me - Is that a sign that I'm a truly committed El Reg reader?

    As for the article itself - Meh. All squawk and no walk as far as I can see. What are the Navy going to do, DDOS enemy battleships? Slightly less effective than a cruise missile I think.

    Yarr, prepare for spamming, me hearties.

  3. Adam White

    Destroy and/or Defeat

    OK I'll bite, how does one destroy and/or defeat an enemy using Cyberwarfare? Assuming the enemy isn't a web server.

    About the best I can think of is a large-scale psyop to send fake orders through the enemy's C3 network telling everyone they lost and need to surrender. But that's not particularly likely to strike a decisive blow.

  4. Richard

    @ Adam White

    Why do you think the US has been trumpeting "Windows for Warships" to the world!! :-))

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