back to article Sony to save planet with PS3 firmware overhaul

Sony isn’t willing to drop the PlayStation 3’s price, but the electronics giant is at least keeping the console up to date with another firmware revision. The latest release – to be called version 2.50 – has been written with the future of the planet in mind - no, not another first-person shooter - because it lets gamers set …


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  1. Dan Silver badge

    Alternatively buy a Wii

    More fun, cheaper, isn't a combined console/electric heater.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    a title is required

    More point, at least, to install than the last couple of updates, which were pointless.

  3. Jiminy Krikett


    How the HELL can you compare a Wii against a PS3... Chalk and cheese, methinks.

  4. Dirk Vandenheuvel
    Thumb Down

    Only Sony

    Can rave a bout a feature the "other" consoles had from launch.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    If I were 12 I might, but as an adult I prefer to play slightly more sophisticated games.

    Still, Wii bowling was fun with a group of us the other night, but I wouldn't want to play it more than a couple of times.

    Back on topic, I just turn off my PS3 when I'm not using it. I've got everything to do with the PS3 connected through a surge-master (projector, wheel, speakers) so it all goes off with one switch.

    On the other hand I do like the way they keep bringing out these little updates.

  6. Rob Fisher

    Cure cancer or save the planet?

    So the question is, what will save more lives? Leaving it turned on and folding proteins, or turning it off to save the planet?

    @Dan: Nothing wrong with an electric heater. I never have to use my central heating in the winter as all my gadgets keep the flat warm. (Although gas heating is possibly marginally more efficient, what with power line transmission losses and so on.)

  7. frod

    Or just stick to PC

    Seeing as it has practical uses too.

    Also, the Wii is a gimmick toy. 'More fun' if you're a drooling imbecile or drunk I guess.

  8. paul


    Owning all the consoles (some were gifts honest!) A wii is more fun (sometimes) and yes a lot cheaper than a ps3. However I find myself only playing it with friends round and even now thats not a dead cert as I have buzz for the ps3.

    Anyway back on topic - I welcome the auto time off. I'm not one for headsets and voice chat in general, but I do think its good that I can use the wifes non brand name bluetooth headset with the ps3 if i need to.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    As if it wasn't bad enough with the Sony and Xbox fanbois tearing strips off of each other, now the Wii fanbois are getting in on the act?

    What's up, Dan, are you upset that your console has pwned the market so spectacularly that there is no-one left to argue sales figures with anymore?

  10. Toby Rose
    Black Helicopters

    DVD / PlayTV

    Lets hope that the 'period of inactivity' doesn't switch of the Sixxaxis whilst watching a DVD, Blu Ray disc or Play TV. I found it annoying on the 360 when my controller 'remote' would power down after 10-15 mins.

    Pause live TV but first connect to your console via Bluetooth.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    No PSthree any time soon then

    Too many components, hence too much power, hence too big and too expensive. PSthree anyone ?

    Sony used to employ competent engineers in Japan... I guess they've been sacked by their new Welsh CEO and they've been replaced by Marketing madmen...

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    PS3 is actually very energy efficient. The latest ones draw between 90w and 110w under full load. Compare that to a very last-gen tech 360 which draws 180w, it's pretty efficient. Not as efficient as a wii, granted, but that's because the PS3 is not a 10yr old GameCube in a new box.

  13. David
    Thumb Down


    Yea, but come on, Wii games are rubbish. Ive played better flash games. Apart from Mario Kart. Thats actually OK.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Full changes...

    Support for the PS3 Official Bluetooth Headset - we've told you about the upcoming Bluetooth Headset and SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation Bundle on the Blog. This latest firmware installment enables High-Quality (HQ) mode, which delivers clear and wide-band online voice chat. On top of that, an added on-screen indicator shows battery status, volume level and use of HQ mode.

    PlayStation Trophies interface enhancements - I know that many of you are busy collecting trophies and raising your PlayStation Trophy level. This update makes sharing and comparing your trophies with your friends even easier. On 1st part of the profile page you'll see a symbol under level that represents level and the actual percentage towards the next level along with the existing level meter. The level symbol carries over to the trophy comparison screen where you will now be able to see your level, your friend's level and the percentage towards the next level for both users along with all of the game by game comparison information you see today.

    Friend status – Offline friends on your Friends list will have information below their avatars that will indicate how long it has been since they were last online.

    Video – This update adds the Scene Search feature similar to the feature on the PSP. Activating this feature while viewing a video on the PS3 will break the video up into scenes that you can quickly access by pressing the X button. You can break the videos into one, two or five minute intervals. In addition, you can now choose to have all of the videos under the video section of the XMB play in sequence. Go to Settings then Video Settings to turn this option on.

    PlayStation Store – We've added a redeem codes option right on the store to make it easier to redeem your PlayStation Network Cards and promotion codes. In addition, PlayStation Network Sign Up and Account Management have been redesigned.

    Power Save Settings – You can now set your PS3 and wireless controllers to turn off automatically after set periods of inactivity. Go to Settings then Power Save Settings to turn on these features.

    Background Downloading - You now have the option to set the PS3 to turn off automatically after a background download or installation of content has completed. This option is available when you turn off the system from the button under [Users] while content is being downloaded or installed.

    In-game Screenshots - this tool will allow everyone to capture, share and in other words, immortalize their favorite gameplay moments. This will be supported on a game by game basis. Please check back to find out which games will support this feature

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Wii PS3 Comparison

    Nuff said.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    re: Toby Rose

    Do you really use your PS3 as a DVD, Blu Ray player and for Play TV and yet somehow *not* have the Bluetooth Remote?


  17. Edward Rose

    @Jiminy Krikett

    Chalk and cheese?

    Never tried Tesco's Chesire have you?

    Anywho, get the good ol' Megadrive back out! It beats all these modern pansy, I can't use my imagination' toys.

    And, on a more serious complaint - why are games so dark / grey / brown these days. Realistic? What? I thought the real world had light and colour. When you're playing nearly the whole game with night sight on there is something wrong.... (okay, not all games, probably just the one my mate buys).

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    wii -lectricity

    the wii actually draws far more electricity when on standby than either the 360 or ps3

  19. Adrian Jackson

    Alternatively buy a Wii...

    ...which is apparently the most power-hungry of the three current-gen consoles when in standby (which is how most of my consoles spend most of their time), and is made by a company that frequently ranks at the bottom end of environmental rankins for consumer electronics companies.

    Of course, I'm one of those planet-murdering types who insists on having all three consoles. My Wii is great for the occasional party and for gathering dust the rest of the time - though I mostly blame Rock Band for that. Right now my console gaming time is split 80% PS3, 20% XBox 360 (though it would be the other way round if I'd got the 360 version of Rock Band).

  20. Ross Fleming

    Enough of the messing

    For crying out loud, how long does it take for them to build a playlist ability for media centre videos/music files??

    The one thing that stops it becoming a truly powerful media player.

  21. Arnold Lieberman
    Thumb Up

    @Adrian Jackson

    Here's an idea to save the planet - instead of leaving everything on standby, there's a switch thing on the wall that allows you to turn it completely off when not in use. Power consumption = 0W. Genius! (This comment is in no way meant to be sarcastic).

  22. James Pickett (Jp)
    Thumb Up

    This is a useful feature

    As I've only got a 2Meg line, I like to download the bigger demo files etc overnight. The Xbox has had a feature where it'll shutdown on completion for ages, so I'm pleased my PS3 will now be able to do this too!

    That aside, the PS3 has a hardware switch, so it's 100% off when I'm not using it. The Wii has to be unplugged, as it's regularly connecting (pointlessly) to Wii Connect 24 over the Wifi!

  23. Stu

    As much as it pains me to join in on a flamewar....

    ...I've got to say that the YT video of the PS3 Wii comparison was too biased to let lie! Hence 'Nuff Said' is as about as fitting as the well known fish-bicycle thing because Sony could have done exactly the same thing with a different set of arguments with the really annoying person being the Wii.

    I personally own a PS3, and it suits ME. What I simply dont understand is how people can only look at each console and say 'yours is crap'. Perhaps if I were 20 years younger, I'd prefer the Wii. Its a matter of choice, something we're all quick to claim our entitlement to, yet quick to criticise others for expressing.

    The Wii is clearly superior in minimised power consumption yet being great fun and ultimately more interactive (full use of motion control) than the PS3 - dont make the argument that the PS3 has a motion sensitive controller, because the argument doesn't stand up - its not anywhere near as utilised as on the Wii.

    Lets note, Nintendo KNEW about Nvidia and ATIs graphics capabilities, yet they CHOSE to put in under-powered graphics hardware because it met with their design ethos. Cheaper, just as fun, if not more so. Plus the game development costs don't go thru the roof as a result of having to make the visuals the best. It follows that age old observation - better graphics (<>)(!=)(not equal) better gameplay.

    Whereas the PS3 is a superior movie machine, in fact in all areas multimedia, a powerhouse of graphics and audible delight, a plethora of well executed gaming genres, the system has been expanded (camera, PlayTV, PSP connectivity) and is much more grown up, etc.

    Live and let live people, stop being such d**ks about it.

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    FUD or ignorance?

    "how long does it take for them to build a playlist ability for media centre videos/music files??"

    Errm, -12 months? I have been able to do this for over a year on my PS3. So I conclude that either:

    a) you don't actually have a PS3, and it's more of the pathetic "PS3-bashing because I jumped in early and bought an Xbox" nonsense that regularly goes on here.

    b) you need to read the handbook, or better still, the online handbook, which speficically relates to the latest version of firmware, and it's features.

  25. Toby Rose
    Thumb Down

    @Tony Chandler

    Hardly madness using a Sixxaxis to interface with the console.

  26. Hector K Spankthrust III


    Missed by the US playstation blog et al... 2.5 includes Flash 9 support on the browser, finally!

  27. Chris

    Horses for courses

    I own both a Wii and a PS3.

    I use the Wii when plaing with the kids and the PS3 for games just for me.

    It's simple.

    Use the console that suits the situation and stop bashing each other.

    You sound like a bunch of religious zealots.

    As for the power thing. Anything that reduces my leccy bill and helps save the planet is good. (Or just use the big off button)

  28. goggyturk

    @ Arnold @ Adrian

    Actually, there's a master power switch on the back of the console. All you have to do is bend your lazy-ass back and flick it with your lazy-ass finger to switch it off.

  29. Ian

    RE: Buy a wii

    Power saving is one reason NOT to buy a Wii.

    It's supposed to have it's low power mode where all it does is accept updates and little else, this was billed originally as a feature that allowed it to stay connected whilst consuming very little power.

    Well, here's the problem, in this mode it chucks out more heat than my PC's 600w PSU when in use, that means the Wii actually wastes a hell of a lot of power.

  30. Mark
    Gates Horns

    Flash9 in browser too..

    Flash9 support in browser...

    Currently it's Flash7, so it has trouble with many flash video sites. If this turns out to be true, it's very significant...

  31. Graham Jordan

    About time

    I loathe not having a skip through video feature. I use the ps3 as a media box for High Def movies and nothing grates me more than not being able to skip through a 2 hour flick.

    Now all we need is support for the mkv container and jobs a good en.

  32. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Can we have hibernate instead

    of an auto-shutdown? I like the idea of being able to just hit the 'Start' button to pause the game and then be able to hibernate. Then I can just pick up where I left off without having to complete game levels.

  33. Anonymous Coward

    @Graham Jordan

    The "jobs a good un", those Xbox owners that jumped in early and blew their cash on unreliable junk will continue to cry about something, whilst the rest of us enjoy the PS3 for what it is, a fantastic game console, a fantastic mediacentre, a fantastic blu-ray player, a fantastic DVD upscaler.

  34. TonyZ

    No one mentioned...

    Which console has the ability to install a "Third-Party" Operating System, plug in a standard USB keyboard and mouse, an HP or Epson printer, and enjoy a "FULL BLOWN PC" ?

    Advert -

    Application List -

    GET IT FREE! -

    It was for this I chose the console I did. When I'm in the mood I can play UT2004, Doom3, Quake 4, ET, Bioshock, and CRYSIS... Sure, I could have dropped the $400 on a new graphics card to play CRYSIS & Bioshock on the PC, then I could have bought the "console" versions of games I all ready owned... Hell, CRYSIS isn't even supposed to work on a "next gen" console, and I admit there is no DX10 for the OS I installed on the console, so it's not "perfect" , but it plays beautifully with everything on high.

    Alas, I'm sure if this ability to run a full blown OS gets popular enough, you can guess which console will re-brand their desktop OS and charge through the nose for it... Goodbye blue screen, hello red-ring!

  35. Mark
    Gates Horns

    Flash9 in browser too..

    ... means i can browse to youporngay now and see all the lovely muscle

  36. Mark
    Gates Horns

    re: Flash9 in browser too..

    Grow up for fucks sake. Are all Xbox owners are childish as you are?

  37. Anonymous Coward

    re: Flash9 in browser too..

    Awful isnt it when someone is like yourself, but instead prefers to like something other than the PS3? Someone who is prepared to say the same things as you?

    The problem is with you however Mark is that you are blind, you can't see anything apart from your own opinion. It's terrible that you're determined to sit there day after day desperately defending your purchase.

    You made the decision, brilliant! Stick with it and enjoy it.

    If you continue posting on here with your pro Sony comments which have honestly not offered anything new since day 1, then be prepared to take some slack and have some constructive arguments.

    Here we go... popular Mark comments:

    1) Microsoft Paid Shill

    2) Blu Ray is great

    3) The PS3 is the best value for money product

    4) The Wii is a fad

    I could go on. Its old. Its boring. Why do you need to defend yourself to a bunch of faceless, and in your own opinion, morons? It's a fascinating psychological issue that seems to effect many people on the internet. When faced with nothing else that you can say all you can do is...

    "Grow up for fucks sake. Are all Xbox owners are childish as you are?"

    No, they're all as "grown up" as you are Mark.

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