back to article NComputing pushes OLPC to one side in Indian schools deal

NComputing says it has scored a major coup in India where it will provide virtualisation technology to 5,000 schools in Andhra Pradesh. The Silicon Valley firm has convinced the Indian state to opt for its range of computing products over Intel’s Classmate PC and One Laptop Per Child’s dinky XO machine. NComputing said 1.8 …


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  1. The BigYin

    Save money?

    By running MS Server and MS Office? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Good one El Reg!

    OOo3 is out (when the site works). Forward the revolution!

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    enabling affordable access

    Curious, I would have thought that, in a country not yet beholden to proprietary, costly software, a free OS would be the best choice.

    Especially since any educative software for the Indian subcontinent probably needs to be written from scratch, thus removing any justification for existing proprietary platforms. I mean, DirectX is not really all that useful for educative software, now is it ?

    Let me guess, Steve, once again you promised a low, low, low eternal rent (in the small print) coupled with blatherings about SLAs and other stupidities, and maybe you even threw in 72 virgins to seal the deal ?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    $ 70 per seat ????

    yeah , but can the kid take it home with him ????

    experience shows that more than 50% of an XO's use

    is outside of school and especially at the kid's home

    $70 per seat sounds expensive if you can't move around with it

  4. Dave Morris


    How is any computer enviro-friendly when compared to the OLPC XO? I mean.. it doesn't get much greener than a hand-crank powered box... are these PCs tied to solar arrays that produce more electric than the PCs use and therefore feed back into the system?

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