back to article Microsoft hits DHL with $2m lost Xbox action

Microsoft is suing courier DHL for $2m after more than 21,000 Xboxes were damaged and looted during a train derailment last year. The company has lodged the action (PDF) claiming breach of contact over the accident, near Duke, Texas, in October 2007, and for DHL allegedly refusing to provide any compensation. The incident saw …


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  1. Iain Paterson

    In all fairness...

    DHL probably saved them millions in RROD repairs here...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    If the train was full of new items, then at least half of them were faulty before it even left the rails.

    If the train was full of returned Xboxes, then DHL shoul just give them $20 to settle it.

    Either way, that's a whole lot less shit that will be heading into consumers homes, which is great news for consumers.

  3. John Nieurzyla
    Thumb Down

    Its about time DHL got sued.

    Its about time DHL got their assed kicked, I live in Asia, and when I order items from abroad it has to be delivered by courier, otherwise it get "lost".

    Businesses designate who the courier is unfortunately so I get stuck with DHL due to the price, the packages arrive in Manila, then it can take 7 days to travel 50 kms down the road to here.

    Why, cos to save money they use local delivery companies and then it goes walkabouts, they do not have tracking here, customer service is a laugh, they never respond, nothing is ever done, You can't complain to DHL fatherland, they will not respond either, as I am outside Germany. Having lost countless deadlines on delivery and the occassional package, I am so pleased this has happened, I only wish they would read this as well.

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