back to article Windows Mobile on iPhone a cruel joke?

Proof that PR companies are starting to understand which techie buttons to push comes in the form of a video of Windows Mobile apparently running on an Apple iPhone, despite the insanity of such a proposition. The video is supposedly shot at the "myPhone 2008" show in Las Vegas, and while the city plays host to an awful lot of …


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  1. Andrew Moore
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    "You don't have girlfriends in Norway"

    "Yes of course. But they program too"

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    There's no such thing as impotent publicity.

    "...we shall decline to explain what Sonic Emotion do, or sell..."

    Thus causing even more people to hit their website out of morbid curteosity... :)

  3. Michael Baines
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    As a sign of solidarity...

    I shall utterly ignore Sonic Emotion and make no effort what to ever to find out anything at all about them.

  4. Matt Bradley

    I just choose that now....

    "I just choose that now....

    .... and you have to wait.... wait... heh... a moment please... "


    They a missed a trick here though. Why didn't it bring up the hourglass when he went to use... well.. anything?

  5. Simon


    Hey its Bootcamp for the iPhone.

    So can they put Linux on it to please that penguin lovin' crowd as well?

    I await someone to correct me about the use of the word "Linux" no doubt :-P

  6. Stu


    So, there's no Windows Mobile on the iPhone? Whew thats a relief!!!

    So the vid wins the award for the most abstract piece of viral advertising EVER, that is unless Sonic Emotion are about to release such an iPhone bootcamp . . .

    *urgh* I feel dirty.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    It's fairly obvious that it's a fake..

    ..WM doesn't boot up that fast!

  8. Gulfie


    Just when I thought I'd found a way to avoid all the anti-fanboi flames you have to go and spoil it all...

    Mine's the one with an iPhone in one packet and a (dead) Axim X30 in the other...

  9. randomtask

    Sonic Emotion

    Are they related in any way to the company, Sonic Emoticon, which have built up a veritable monopoly of Sega based emoticons?

    Mines is the coat with the spikes down the back...

  10. adnim

    Windows mobile on iPhone Why not?

    sounds like a massive improvement to me, it would be more reliable, stable and infinitely more fun and easy to use.

    I am happy in the knowledge that a giggle of joy or a scream in fear constitutes sonic emotion. No need to investigate further.

  11. It wasnt me
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    I dont care....

    what whoever they are do or make. But the reg is where I come to read about stuff i dont care about. So tell us...


  12. Anonymous Coward
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    I welcome our journalistically impotent overlords.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns


    In a moment of spooky prescience, a colleague asked me this morning if the operating system on his iPhone was Windows Mobile, the same as my HTC Tytn II!

    Made me smile...

  14. Jon Arden
    Paris Hilton

    @ Michael Baines

    "I shall utterly ignore Sonic Emotion and make no effort what to ever to find out anything at all about them....

    ....Except type a comment mensioning their name again stating that I dont have and wont have any interest in them....."

    Well Done!

  15. Jessica Werkz


    Looking forward to a nice big juicy hunk of bile from ol' freaky.

  16. Matt Smart
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    Just because you know you want to know...

    "Welcome to sonic emotion, the 3D sound experts.

    Others talk about a soundfield, we create it!

    Wheter you look for a professional sound system or a license for your consumer products, sonic emotion offers the right technology."

    (note the typo).

    Source: :)

  17. Lars Petersson
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    Maybe then I'll get an iPhone...

    When it comes with Windows Mobile :-D

  18. Master Baker

    @Sonic Emotions website

    Save yourself time and check out XNXX's webiste instead. It's much better.

    Mine's the coat with pockets full of tissues.

  19. Anonymous Coward

    i cant hear it

    i cant hear it properly can someone transcribe...

    these headphones i use are really crap.... its about time i got some new ones !!!

  20. DaveK

    Hear hear!

    >"So, by way of impotent protest, we shall decline to explain what Sonic Emotion do, or sell."

    </standingovation> You win an internets!

    I'd like to see a lot more of this sort of response to the frequently inane, offensive and/or fraudulently dishonest marketroid spew we are so often besieged with!

  21. paul


    "Mine's the one with an iPhone in one packet and a (dead) Axim X30 in the other..."

    Thats very similar to mine - iPhone in one pocket , alive but unused dell axim in the other. (Nice hardware , terrible internet browser)

  22. Craig Newbury


    Will there be copy/pate functionality?

  23. Anonymous Coward

    It's spelled "lulz"

    As any fule kno, a misquoted meme is instant fail

  24. Adam White

    It's spelled "lulz"

    "Lulz" is spelled "lulz", in this case the word is "lolz". It's a subtle disctinction that is often lost on stupid people..

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