back to article Intel disputes EU's probing procedure

Intel wants a temporary time-out from its latest scrap with the European Commission to debate the way the EU is proceeding with the latest round of anti-trust charges. The chip maker said it has filed an appeal with the Court of First Instance related to a "substantive procedural dispute" with the Directorate General for …


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  1. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

    Where is AMD's alternative to the Atom?

    Is the reason AMD are not rushing to release one that no-one would build a laptop based on one? There are a huge pile of Atom based toys. I have yet to find I single Nano based laptop.

    I have locked my Intel laptop to minimum clock speed, and as long as do not do anything taxing, the fan noise is tolerable. (At full speed, the fan can drown out a passing goods train 100 metres away). A fanless Nano or something similar from AMD would be very interesting. No way am I buying another overpriced Intel box that is either slow and too loud or noisy and too slow.

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