back to article HP warns of Nvidia problems

HP has offered free repairs for 38 models of its Pavillion Slimline range of desktop machines, which are having problems with Nvidia graphics units. Last week, Apple admitted similar problems with MacBook Pros and offered free repairs to affected customers. HP said on its support site that the problem was "attributable to the …


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  1. combatwombat
    Thumb Down

    what about the rest of them?

    Pavilion laptop dv6122tx. Dead mainboard, 2 months past it's 12 month warranty. The web is littered with the same sorry saga. HP couldn't give a fat rat's tushy. Costs more to repair than a new one would cost. Come on HP , stop dropping your crap onto us, and at least make an effort at quality control.

  2. Tony Paulazzo

    Last ever HP

    So I bought a nice new, expensive, Presario V6000. 6 months into ownership I get an email from HP telling me to update my BIOS (a scary job I hate doing as the first attempt - some 15 years ago left me with a boned PC). Did that, then got an email saying a group of laptops, inc my model, were susceptible to sudden death - warning signs being the wireless might stop working. Plus point, they extended - for this fault only, the warranty for a further year.

    Of course, the resale value on this sweet little piece of kit is effectively zero, so when I looked into any kind of trade-in value I find... only for Americans do they offer a trade-in price.

    The yanks have class action suits , can't we brits do something similar? if the company knowingly sells a defective product, aren't they legally obliged to replace it with something that works?

    Built in obsolescence is one thing, but this is ridiculous. Something that costs £650.00 should not fail in the first year of life. My laptop (touch wood) is running fine, but I can't sell it on, knowing this glitch could kill the thing at any time - (presumably, the longer it runs, the higher the probability becomes).

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