back to article CastleCops nemesis gets two-year sentence

An American hacker has been sentenced to two years in federal prison for waging potent attacks that took down two volunteer websites for days at a time. Gregory C. King of Fairfield, California, was also ordered to pay more than $69,000 in restitution for distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on CastleCops and KillaNet …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    GOOD! Not enough time, though...

    GOOD! 2-years isn't enough... Awwww...... he was "angry" Too Bad. If every 2-bit hacking scum was allowed to wreak this kind of havoc, the internet as we know it, would collapse into utter chaos. It's one thing to have an 'opinion' and even be angry, it's quite another to damage a website through criminal behavior - just because you didn't like what they did. A crime is a crime, and should never be tolerated. Period.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Well he didn't crack for financial gain

    just for their reputation and financial loss.

    Not sure if a crime is a crime and should never be tolerated, is a truism. Do you support slavery in the 1600 - 1800s in the USA, Apartheid in South Africa up to 1990, or the holocaust in the 1940s, because all of those were legal in the countries they were enacted.

  3. Keith T

    How much of the two years will be spent behind bars?

    Two years actually behind bars would be a fitting sentence that would deter others.

    How much of the two years will be spent behind bars?

  4. Keith T

    clearly serious crimes in both the legal and moral sense

    Certainly we should protest unjust laws, like historical laws against slavery, and current Canadian laws mandating discrimination against white men.

    Vandalism and extortion like DoS attacks against organizations like Castlecops are clearly serious crimes in both the legal and moral sense.

  5. TBone

    Stay in the "Here and Now"

    Sorry about the implication of trusim. It was intended as a specific response to "crimes of this type" - within the of current definition of illegal activity - not a "historical" trusim. Let's not mince words and cloud the obvious: This person, unable to control himself, made a conscious choice to hurt (other people) and inflict 70K worth of damage. HE made the choice. He acted on it. HE should suffer the consequences. With all due respect; Slavery, Apartheid and the holocaust should be left out of the discussion of this hacker and CastleCops.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Well you did say

    'A crime is a crime, and should never be tolerated. Period.'

    So you did rather bring that one in. That was the crown of your conclusion.

    Ok so you are saying that vandalism is wrong, which yes it is, but what was vandalised?

    First off this is the digital realm, so was there a backup? Was anything actually changed on the servers? I thought this was a DDoS, not a compromise.

    So I won't mince words, but I will try and get the right words to describe what happened, which was more akin to a demonstration.

    If the DDoS used compromised machines, then I think you should be going on about that, because that would have been more of a crime. A DDoS is a pain, and if they didn't talk about DDoS with their ISPs prior to getting the server then they did not do due diligence.

    The way to stop a DDoS is for your ISP to start droping packets on the border routers, and keep track of the IP numbers used then getting in contact with the other ISPs involved. To get them to start a trace and drop packets at their routers.

    Once the little shit is found, then you inform police who should then make a physical appearance, and give him a good slap on his wrists. 2 years probably happened because the problem wasn't nipped in the bud, for that I would have thought probation, If he had botnet, then yeah ok two years is appropriate, with one year to serve.

    A DDoS cannot be kept up indefinitely once the ISPs get involved, sure people don't realise they should go there first, but some site calling itself castlecops probably should have.

  7. David Wilkinson

    criminal acts, real damage = real crime

    Not sure where you are coming from with the no profit no crime angle.

    If someone were to break all the car windows on your street it would do less than $70k in damages. But since they didn't break things to make a profit ....

    I suppose there is a level of vandalism where the harm done is so minor that you can dismiss it as a prank. This isn't one of those situations.

  8. John Doe

    Wouldn't it have been cheaper...

    ...for that mental midget to just donate $69,000 in the first place and skip the attacks?

    Either way, he would have been out $69,000 but had he done it as a voluntary donation minus the attacks, he wouldn't have been a convicted felon.

    That's going to be a conversation starter and resume enhancer, all right.

  9. Alan W. Rateliff, II
    Paris Hilton

    Getting other ISPs involved... not always an easy process. Many Internet providers are mired in vast levels of listed contacts, out of date contacts, or hard-to-find contacts. In more than one instance, I have had to track down contacts for ISPs due to out-date, obfuscated, and inaccurate contact information in whois records, missing web pages, and contact information only available to existing customers (are you phuqn kidding me?!)

    Even then you might land in the lap of someone who simply does not get that you are calling from another ISP about abuse from within their network. Immediate action is not always possible on the source-end of things.

    I will note that several major ISPs are making things easier, however. ComCast, in particular, has been very easy to contact and quick to respond. That is not in any way an endorsement for ComCast services (we hates them, don't we?) But seriously, I harbor a great disdain for ComCast support as more often than not their customer support will treat you like an idiot making it more difficult to get customer problems resolved.

    Paris, treating you like an idiot and not phuqn kidding.

  10. Moss Icely Spaceport

    Wayne King?


  11. Alexis Vallance
    Thumb Up


    What a sad cock.

    Needs to get a girlfriend...

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