back to article PayPal top-up card is titsup

Payments made to PayPal's top-up card on Wednesday of this week have still not appeared on account balances, and the company is unable to tell angry customers when the problem will be fixed. Several Reg readers got in touch about the problem. The PayPal card is a prepaid Visa card that can be used online or in shops. The card' …


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  1. RW

    Somebody check Luxembourg's banking laws

    Since PayPal is now a bank registered in Luxembourg, perhaps there's a hard and fast rule about such carelessness.

    "Dear PayPal: Because of your obvious stupidity and carelessness, you are now de-registered as a bank under the laws of Luxembourg. We have standards to uphold. Signed, Luxembourg Banking Authorities."

  2. Dave


    You can bet they will still find a way to take their cut...

  3. Darren Burrows
    Thumb Down


    Wonder if this is why I'm still waiting for them to release a payment from holding for some tat I flogged on Ebay t'other day? I know its nothing to do with waiting for the feedback, since thats come back positive.

  4. James O'Brien

    @Somebody check Luxembourg's banking laws

    Highly doubt that will happen. Im sure they have the money and probably know where it is since something of this magnitude would be well....bad. My guess is that if they are still making money for Luxembourg then its a dont ask dont tell policy. Personally I feel sorry for the nitwits that got caught up using PayPal for this.

    /mines the one with the CASH in the pocket

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    missing file

    Missing batch file? I hope they've got a backup somewhere..if they haven't..all those customers have just lost a load of money.

    That should bring about a nice swift end to Paypal's venture.

  6. James

    As someone ...

    ... in the forums wrote:

    "PayPal Top-Up Card - no way Beavis! I'd sooner spoon my eyes out!"

    Why, oh why does anyone have anything to do with PlayPal - the PlayMobil bank for PlayMobil people?

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Missing batch file?

    There's your problem.

    They're still running DOS.

  8. Thomas Baker
    Dead Vulture

    I think...

    ...that Google should start up an online auction site with associated payment mechanism. It would clean up. eBay and Paypal have taken the piss for too long. Time for some competition. Perhaps craigslist to invest in more UK-centric advertising/presence?

    Tombstone as I hope eBay dies for the way it treats users, and thus PayPal likewise.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Surprised?? I'm not!!!

    OH! all this lovely cash going spare, and not a clue who it belongs to, well it's ours now (evil cackle)

    (As heard coming from Paypal HQ)

    Sorry, after all the reports, anyone who still uses paypal is a moron.

  10. Jeff Deacon

    Have any local authorities used this facility?

    If local authorities have used this facility, then quite clearly it is an act of terrorism by the Luxembourg Bank called PayPal. And so it should immediately be impounded by the UK under the 2000 terrorism legislation and sold on 18 hours later to someone that Darling likes.

    Not quite sure that it is a joke, but that will be my plea when the black helicopters come.

  11. Kev K
    Paris Hilton


    there are people who actually want a card with gaypal on it ?? who do not know how messed up and gaypal are? and do not know what a bunch of robbing bas*ards the are ?

    WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE THINKING ?? please go remove yourselves from the gene pool immediately

    Thank you

    Even paris wouldnt sign up for this

  12. This post has been deleted by its author

  13. Martin Edwards

    Free whitepaper: The Critical Role of Data Loss Prevention

    ... right below the article! The Register's new contextual ad system is working!

  14. Christopher Michaelis


    When they say "batch file", they're probably referring to a banking batch - e.g., a collection of credit card transactions that all run at once is referred to as a "batch". I doubt they meant "batch file" in the DOS sense.

    Besides, they probably run OS/2 Warp :)

  15. Jay


    The money finally appeared late yesterday afternoon over 24 hours late and it only seemed to affect the load dated for the 8th. Payments were never lost they just weren't applied, call centre staff could find your payments on the system they just hadn't gone anywhere.

    There seems to be a lack of knowledge over what happened, the call room staff first knew about it on Thursday evening and many were surprised to come in on Friday to find it hadn't been sorted. I was told Friday morning there was a meeting of management but at that point no one knew what was actually going on or if later payments would go through.

    Call staff were given a script over what to say if anyone asked for compensation. Usual stuff, equipment failure, power cut etc but when asked if any of these exclusions were the reason for the problem they admitted they didn't know.

  16. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    I didn't know FailPal was a Luxembourg-based bank!

    Lost a DLT tape with batch payments in the mail? I'm sure these guys will be in touch:

    Actually, if this has to do with VISA, the one who is most assuredly involved is the local credit card payment clearinghouse, which AFAIK have some sort of quasi-monopoly in Luxembourg:

    Paris, because even she would know that PayPal shall be avoided.

  17. blackworx

    @ Kev K

    Presumably when you said "gay" you forgot to add "and not in the good way"? Either that or you're just unthinkingly spouting gratuitous homophobia.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ Thomas Baker

    Google are halfway there if you count google checkout

    which I had a bad experience with, money went nowhere for several hours, by which time the last dispatch time had passed so I ended up with a day off work wasted.

  19. Mike Hebel
    Paris Hilton

    @As someone ...

    I have always used PayPal since close to it's founding date and the one thing that people forget about PayPal is that it is NOT a bank. It never has been and I don't give a tw@t hair about where it's being incorporated as a bank.

    It's. Still. Not. A. Bank.

    What it DOES do passably well is work as a money transfer service. I think of them as the exchange broker that takes a cut any way they can but still gets the money to the other person. Of course recently their track record of doing just that is rather poor.

    My PayPal account almost always has a zero balance in it. As soon as money comes in I take it out using the debit card and put it in my proper bank account. On the reverse I have it set to pull money from a separate checking account not my main one. This prevents freezing my main checking and prevents lost money in the PayPal account because there's nothing in there.

    Paris because she knows all about proper servicing.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This Isn't So Bad... Just Wait

    PayPal has been a mess for years. John McCain wants Meg Whitman, long-time Ebay CEO--Ebay owns PayPal--to be the Treasury Secretary. As bad as things are, all too soon, we may see these as the good days.

  21. Justin Case

    @ blackworx

    Calm down dear. Words change their meanings. AFAIK 'gay' is used in a derogatory way in the patois of younger people - however this does not in anyway refer to homosexuals or the practices thereof. Gay has had a long an illustrious career before it was commandeered to mean friends of Dorothy - and I for one look forward to the day it will resume its place in the lexicon and simply mean cheerful/happy.

  22. Alexis Vallance
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    Evil PP

    Would these be the same people that can freeze your account on a whim, keep your money for 180 days and then hide from any jurisdiction because they're sheltered by the Luxembourg government?

  23. Maverick
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    @ Justin Case

    top post!

  24. Sordid Details

    Their credit card is broken too

    I've been trying to make a payment against my credit card account for ages! Their web site (a portal front-end to GE Money) fails every time. They tell me they're aware of the problem and are looking to fix it, but it's been broken for weeks. In the meantime I keep missing my payment dates and they're not charging me for that.

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