back to article Microsoft leaks cloudy OS name

Another day, another cloudy name for Windows arrives, this time it’s all about Strata, apparently. Microsoft temporarily flashed the name Windows Strata on its Professional Developers Conference (PDC) website, before removing the moniker yesterday after a few blogs zeroed in on it. Image courtesy of blogger Kit Ong MS head …


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  1. Vincent
    Paris Hilton

    Steve Ballmer

    "MS head honcho Steve Ballmer"

    For some reason I originally read that as Steve Jobs.

    Paris because I was as silly as she is here.

    On a serious note, i'm not really for cloud computing. A mix of local and "cloud"-based storage is the best solution methinks, and i'm not willing to pay subsription fees for software either.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Oh here we go again.....

    is it pronounced:









    Why can't companies just call products simple names. What the hell is Al-loom-in-um? or Jag-war?

  3. Admiral Grace Hopper

    Surely not.

    There's no way that they could have confused "strata" - multiple layers of rock - with "strato" - stratus layered cloud - could they?

  4. Sureo


    They should just call it Heaven (or Hell as the case may be) and skip the half-way names.

  5. Lee T.

    that brown looks suspiciously similar to the ubuntu desktop

    copycat microsoft at it again

  6. David Kelly


    After a Fista session you're bound to get a Farter.

  7. NB
    Paris Hilton

    title required

    moar liek winders shaft-ya amirite?

    And before the spelling nazis start bitching, YES THAT WAS INTENTIONAL.

    Paris cos she can load my OS any day.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Definition of "Strata"

    I believe it's a technical term in atmospherics for layer upon layer of vapour and hot air.

    How apposite!

  9. Anonymous Coward

    As good as the car then?

    I remember there was a really rubbish Fiat car called Strada... looked it up (no, I didn't edit it):

    So, whatever it is, it'll be slow and unreliable....

  10. Erik Aamot

    @AC definition of strata

    it's the plural of stratum , a (distinct) geological layer, like a layer of clay over a layer of coal

    so I think they picked the right name, despite *believing*, like you, that it's atmospherically related .. and I used the *cloud* via Google / Wikipedia to double check too !

    MS, of course, would check Encarta for definitions :)

  11. thomas k.

    @AC's definition

    That was pretty droll, thanks for giving me a good laugh.

    Personally, I think "Cumulus" would be a better choice.

  12. Anonymous Coward


    "strata" because it rocks? or because they were stoned when they thought of it?

    (Actually they're probably waiting for it to get bedded in... typical conglomerate! Ever since the float, and the fines, I'm inclined to pick on them. If you don't like it - tuff! )

    Reg O'Lith,

    TCD Geology Dept

    (It's the one with the leather elbow patches and rock dust in the seams, ta)

  13. Don Mitchell

    Red Dog

    Guess nobody here knows who Dave Cutler is...

  14. ratfox
    Paris Hilton

    Basic latin grammar

    Strata is the plural of stratum.

    The plural of stratus, as in cloud, is strati.

    I see the word spell-checker has no version for Latin...

    Anyway this is likely to be vapourware indeed. And PH just because.

  15. Frank

    Strata Windows

    I'm wondering how long it will be before the people at Strata Windows get a legal letter from Microsoft telling them to cease and desist. The sheer cheek of those people in using not just one, but two of Microsoft's trademarks.

    It may not be 'passing off' but it's obviously an attempt to ride on the back of Microsoft's worldwide success and well known good name.

    (The one with the legal practice certificate in the pocket.........perforated lines at regular intervals....)

  16. Warhelmet


    Sedimentary deposition anyone?

    I've been on holiday to Wales and watched a cloud moving up the high street. Soggy wet things. Not sure that I'd want to compute with one. Swarm, now that's a better word.

  17. Steen Hive

    @AC Al-loom-in-um

    Quite. After nigh-on 13 years coding Delphi I still can't say "Delph-eye" without gagging on my own vomit, even though its is the "correct" pronunciation of the product. What is wrong with these people?

    "Stray-tay" For The lazy,drawling bastard Win!

  18. Dick Emery
    IT Angle

    Cloud AV

    The only thing I can think of right now that interests me about cloud computing is using it as an AV and spyware scanner so it's killed before it even gets to my connection.

  19. Anonymous Coward

    Cheese strata?

    ... because that's what it looks like if you stack the servers too close together and leave to bake for 35min.


  20. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture


    are where the dinosaurs are buried!

  21. Lee


    I believe that this release will just be a new win 2008 server version with different licensing restriction. Like web server edition but more stripped downand a licence for multiple CPUs. No doubt this is why amazon are able to offer windows on ec2 'sometime this autumn'

  22. yeah, right.

    makes sense

    "Strata" is also a way of dividing up property so that a lot of people pay much more for it in pieces than it was worth in total (ie: condominiums). This probably means everyone will end up paying Strata fees the same way they pay a Windows tax now.

    Mine's the one without clouds please.

  23. Anonymous Coward

    How does this fit in

    with Blue Sky thinking?

    Mine's the one with a windproof, waterproof jacket in the pocket.

  24. Charles Manning

    "flat featureless clouds, generally grey."

    I'm depressed already.

  25. Anonymous Coward

    How about ...?

    Why didn't they just call it Microsoft Windows Cesspit?

    It is the place where everyone is going to store their crap, isn't it?

    /Mines the one with Environmental Health on the sleeve.

  26. Filip Stepien

    waste of money?

    hehe. They're gonna have fun in Poland. "strata" in polish means "loss" or "waste" (of money).

  27. Jacek
    Dead Vulture

    STRATA == loss

    "Strata" in polish language means literally "loss" .

  28. Wortel


    How about 'astro-turf'

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