back to article Unisys anoints ex-Gateway chief as CEO

Well, that didn't take very long. Only two weeks ago, server and services specialist Unisys said that Joe McGrath, its president and chief executive officer, was stepping down at the end of the year and that its board of directors were beginning a search for a new executive to accelerate its strategy. And today, Unisys announced …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    part of their problem

    Is that other than the limited markets they deal in (including government stuff), nobody knows who they are or what they do. a lot of big companies still only buy IBM or Microsoft because they don't know better. Unisys has done a piss-poor job of selling themselves into the college market to teach kids coming into IT at that level what they have available and what it can do - at all levels.

    I still think one of their major misses with this was NOT giving away their pc mapper software to get people hooked on using something so powerful. (yes, thank you; i would like a developer copy please)....ha ha....still have my old 2r1 pc version and it works! (and no, I don't now; nor have I ever, worked for them)

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