back to article Green biz now 'bigger than software and biotech'

The green sector - those companies providing goods and services which tackle climate change - is now bigger than software and biotech combined, according to bank analysts. However they have only reached this conclusion by including industrial groups whose greenness would be questioned by many. The Financial Times reports this …


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  1. Ken Hagan Gold badge


    Just a thought, but is now a good time for a bank to be issuing a valuation based on questionable figures?

  2. Hallainzil

    @ Ken

    Why not? What's the worst that could happen?

    Mine's the one sans housekeys now that it's been repossessed.

  3. Xander
    Paris Hilton

    "Green Biz"

    Sureley this would be companies that ONLY distribute "green" products, or products that make "green".

    In fact, what the hell is "Green" Biz? Green is meant to be short for environmentally friendly. So surely any company that doesn't dump toxic waste is green these days?

    And I agree with Ken Hagan.

    Paris, because I wonder about her "toxic waste"

  4. Anonymous Coward

    No it doesn't

    The people who do these types of research should stop before the "This shows..." bit, they always get it wrong. What the research more likely shows is that companies will try and exploit the latest fashion to increase their profits (which has been obvious since the dawn of capitalism) and that they don't give a shit for the environment.

  5. TeeCee Gold badge


    "This includes nuclear power firms....."

    ROTFLMAO! OMFG! etc. etc.

    Incidently, I've just proved that paint is the most widely distributed commodity in the world by the simple expedient of including figures for glue, lubricants, petrol, soft drinks and raw minerals in my calculations.

  6. adnim

    @Johan Hartman:No it doesn't

    Well said. I was going to write "It''s all smoke and mirrors".

    What's that? I did, oh yeah.

    What you forgot to add was that if any "green" change negatively affected the bottom line then it would not be implemented.

  7. Colin Millar

    The Financial Slimes

    This 'pink'un' being the same so-called informed source that failed to spot the flaw in 'credit based growth' despite it being displayed in all its glory numerous times all the way back to the 17th century.

    Financial journo's should learn from their tech opps and display a tiny bit of cynicism now and then instead of just rehashing press releases.

    Pirates - because that's the old fashioned name for 'Financial institution'

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