back to article World's largest ad broker targets web games

In its continued struggle to duplicate the worldwide dominance of its text-based advertising biz, Google has launched a long expected program for slapping ads onto Web-based Flash games. Naturally, "AdSense for Games" is billed as a beta. Google gobbled game ad outfit Adscape Media in February 2007, and this morning, the, um, …


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  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge


    Playing web-based games means using a browser and going to a host page.

    Every host page already has banner ads and placeholders for ads and ads on the sides and more ads on the bottom.

    Now Google wants to include yet more ads ?

    Thank $Deity for Adblocker.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Wonder who owns the copyright on this idea?

    Someone must be making a killing with the copyright licence for this - it's buggered me score well and proper, but shooting the ads in Battlefield 2142 always makes me feel so much better...

  3. Brett Harris

    Cutting edge? I dont think so.

    Anarchy Online has been doing this for years, you could play the vanilla game (original without expansions) for free, ingame there are advertising boards for all kinds of things. You cant turn them off unless you are a paying customer. It has very little effect on gameplay. In fact it actually adds to the atmosphere in the towns where people gather.

  4. Why

    500k plays per day

    Surely they are dreaming!?

    Popular games like Desktop Tower Defense at most get something like 100k-200k plays per day. Not many people are gonna match this criteria.

    Where is the evil google icon?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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