back to article Amazon's 'Kindle 2' spotted in the wild

Amazon clearly isn’t about to sit back and let Sony’s latest Reader hog all the limelight. It's no surprise, then, that pictures of the online retailer’s updated Kindle have appeared online. Kindle_01 Hitch-hiker's Guide: Amazon's second go at the Kindle Images courtesy of BGR According to a report by BGR, the new model …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    That's one ugly looking bugger!

    I'm not a fan of ebooks and ebook readers at all, but at least the Sony one looks fairly swish. This one is horrendous.

  2. Lee Jackson
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    Dont know what else to say!

  3. John Browne

    Isn't it lovely???

    They should probably hit it with the ugly stick a couple of more times just to be sure.

  4. Ben

    coming to UK?

    I hope that thing makes it over here...

    Might not be the prettiest ebook reader but i think they (amazon) have the right distribution model.

    Was looking in Waterstones at the sony one and the new James bond novel was £12 ish on the ebook reader!?!! who would buy that at only £2 cheaper than the hardback version. On Amazon US the kindle version is $9 much more like it.

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  6. Bad Beaver
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    I do not have a degree in ergonomic design

    but it is nice to see that such qualification is not required when working for the Kindle design-team. Instead of something from "Star Wars Episode IV or V or the original Battlestar Galactica" the device now looks like "cheap crap from 1990's Sharper Image".

    How do you hold this thing comfortably without pressing a button or covering up the speakers? Who greenlighted the cheap-calculator-style-button-bead keyboard with 44 identically shaped buttons? Why in the world would you remove the memory card slot on a device whose prime quality supposedly is the boundless storage of information?

  7. Joe K


    Who on earth needs a keyboard so badly that you want your reader ruined by one? (and the new Sony one has a touch screen keyboard, far more elegant). Its a reader, if you want to type get a bloody UMPC.

    And i never understood the wireless part. Have you ever been so utterly desperate for a book that you had to download it RIGHT BLOODY NOW, instead of waiting to get home for a sync?

    If so, you really have more problems that this thing can solve.

  8. Edwin
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    The thing I like about my PRS-500 is the fact that it's compact. This abomination seems to be wasting nearly 50% of its surface area... Think I'll pick up the PRS-700 when the price hits reasonable levels.

    @Ben - of course, you could always buy from ebook retailers *other* than Amazon... Project Gutenberg has loads to read for free anyway.

  9. Simon


    Why can't someone make an ebook that's lightweight and not huge? I don't need wifi, I don't need RSS or browsing or a keyboard or pictures or a touchpen... just a screen, an SD slot, a power button, a left button, a right button, and an enter button.

    Don't want any drm crap either. Ability to view PDF files properly a bonus.

    A book doesn't weigh much but that thing probably weighs a ton!

  10. J
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    Have to say...

    This looks better to me than the first Kindle. But it is still horrible. Which gives you an idea of my appreciation of the looks of the first Kindle, I suppose...

  11. Ken

    Have the Sony, have a Kindle, soon to have a Kindle2

    I bought the Sony Reader when it first came out and tolerated it. I thought the Kindle1 was about the ugliest piece of consumer electronics I've ever seen, but still bought it; and I haven't used the Sony Reader since. The Kindle1 is much better than the Sony Reader, and I have enough faith in Amazon that I expect the Kindle2 to be better still.

    For Joe K, yes I have wanted a book badly enough that I couldn't wait to get home. Especially when I've been travelling, or when someone recommends a book to me. And the wireless thing is fantastic for newspaper/magazine subscriptions.

    Yes, I wish the Kindles were better looking, but at least they are spending more energy on the things that matter than they are wasting on making it pretty.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    a solutiuon looking for a problem

    They need to price the books reasonably or even offer the e-book as an extra for when you buy the paper version. Right now you'd have to buy a lot of books to make up the difference. Also wonder what do they do when the book comes out in paperback, reduce the price of the e-book accordingly? After all at least with a hardback as well as getting the book earlier you could argue you are getting more for your money.

    Having just finished a large 900+ hardback during my daily commute then size does matter in this case, this thing looks to have way to much wasted space. Seems to me like you might even have a need for different size readers a fiction version and a text book version for example.

    The wi-fi seems a good idea as someone already said this sounds like a great device for subscription content, magazines or newspapers, though I'd have thought decent graphics and colour screens will be needed first.

  13. Stuart

    Good for Kindling, perhaps

    So fugly that chopping it up could only enhance its aesthetic appeal. The Sony 700 is looking better and better, especially since the Kindle's "connectivity" is utterly moot this far from the Benighted States of America.

  14. Dr Patrick J R Harkin

    @Joe K

    "Its a reader, if you want to type get a bloody UMPC."

    I don't want to type volumes, but a search facility is very useful. That's the main reason I'm still using my smartphone. Kindle - great search (searches entire LIBRARY, not just one book) but proprietary, Sony more open - but no seasrch at all. Both comment apply to existing models, may well change on version x+1

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