back to article eBay cuts jobs, buys credit firm

eBay is laying off 1,000 staff and getting rid of hundreds of temporary positions at the same time as it buys three companies. The job cuts will come at eBay offices around the world, and will cost the firm between $70m and $80m. John Donahoe, the online tat house's chief executive, said of the redundancies: “While never an …


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  1. Ralph B

    Natural Partner My Arse

    So, the plan is that you'll be required to pay a cut to eBay, a cut to PayPal and now another cut to BillMeLater.


  2. richard
    Dead Vulture

    security concerns..nahh

    "you can enter your birthday and the last four digits of your social security number" and this is for people nervous about online security. WTF?!

    wonder what their commission is when paying by this?

  3. Ed
    Thumb Down


    Would you honestly use something like Bill Me Later if you were afraid of using your credit card online? Really?

  4. Richard Cartledge
    IT Angle


    I use ebid these days. It's like ebay was before 1,000 staff too many made several years of mischief with their idle hands.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    isnt there a lack of security here? with all the personal details that are going missing buying something with a birthday and NS number doesnt require much?

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  7. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    "1,000 staff too many"

    Not so much a case of 1000 too many (ebay desperately needs MORE staff to deal with the violation reports PROPERLY).

    Very much more a case of the WRONG staff and most especially the ONE at the top and whoever is in charge of the Stupid New Search whose sole purpose is to display UNWANTED search results.

  8. yeah, right.


    Ah, so now as a vendor, instead of reversing the charges to your tied bank account when you're getting scammed by a punter they can instead borrow the money on your behalf at 45% interest, then only tell you about it 6 months later after credit charges have exceeded original value by 300%. Smart move.

    Me, I'm stay far, FAR away from that pit of scum and villainy.

  9. Adrian

    So how

    does firing 1000 staff "improve operations" ?

    Or are they those really useful security checking staff who can't be bothered to remove obvious frauds when I point it out to them ?

  10. Justin

    Point gun at foot, pull trigger

    Come on eBay, that's not how to treat your loyal millions.

    Come on elReg readers, it's time to organise a boycott. The Internet will be eBay's demise.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I see where this fits in to the eBay scheme

    Embezzle me now.

    Bill me later.

    Avoid my complaint.

    Yoink away my hard-earned cash, anyway you can, legal or otherwise.

  12. RW

    @ Justin

    I think there's already a grassroots boycott of eBay. Not that anybody organized anything, but that long-term eBay account holders are walking away from the madhouse.

    I used to check eBay almost daily for certain things, but after six months of seeing my search return stuff I was not interested in and did not search for, then complaining and being told to use the *old* interface, which involved clicking one's way through something of a maze, I figured "fuckit, I can live without that crap."

    My guess is that eBay is now run by a coalition of beancounters and fairly stupid marketers, people whose idea of a good marketing strategy is to treat the customers like cattle being herded into a slaughterhouse.

    It was fun while it lasted but to my way of thinking, eBay has shot themselves in the foot so many times that they're now just part of history. Sad to see how long it takes a dinosaur to die.

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  14. James O'Brien
    Thumb Up

    @I don't agree with myself..

    You so owe me a keyboard and a phone for that post. DAMN FUNNY BOSS. Good Job

  15. Duckorange

    W T and indeed F

    If it wasn't already, online tat bazaar eBay is now officially the YES! Car Credit fo the internet.

  16. Solomon Grundy

    Fuck Ebay

    Fuck eBay. Fuck them right in the ear - two times.

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  18. Anonymous Coward


    What is a cheque?

    Mine has a history book in the pocket.

  19. James O'Brien


    I was actually busy playing a game, on phone with corsair and reading ElReg on my second monitor when I got to that post. So since you have all these clauses covering religions fact is I am atheist so Imexempt from that contract and since I cant read the smaller then small print I think I can say that I did not see that and could not agree to the full ToS you have provided. I would like to get out of this deal since you could not disclose openly and fully :)

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    @solomon grundy

    as a friend of mine used to say:

    fuck me to tears

    just because

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