back to article Hackers exploit Neosploit to booby trap BBC, US postal service

Cybercrooks have used the latest version of Neosploit to booby-trap an estimated 80,000 legitimate sites with malicious code. Victims of the attack include government, Fortune 500, and a weapons manufacturing firm, according to Ian Amit, director of security research at Aladdin Knowledge Systems. Amit said victims of the …


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  1. Ed

    Reputable universities...

    The University of Bradford is a reputable university? Whatever next...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Anything for a cheap headline, eh?

    "[government's BBC site,]"

    What's that supposed to mean? The BBC is not the government however much its detractors might claim it is to smear it.

    And what "login credentials" do you mean exactly? The site allows anonymous logins. Do you just mean the address?

  3. DMG

    re : AC is the main content server, they allow media companies etc to login and upload content. I think they must mean those logins also, not really clear there though!

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