back to article Is Fujitsu spinning out of the hard drive business?

Fujitsu is thought to be planning to scale down its storage business after reports that it may sell its hard disk drive business to Western Digital for ¥70bn to ¥100bn ($662-945.5m). Fujitsu issued a statement today, saying: "There was an article in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun newspaper today regarding Fujitsu’s hard disk drive …


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  1. Raz

    It was so 2005...

    ... when Seagate bought Maxtor. Last year? Someone spent two years in an alien vessel?

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Better Title: WD has Fujitsu r/w Head on a Platter

    Title says it all

  3. Luke Wells

    Fujitsu who?

    Ah yes I remember now. That company that screwed hundreds of thousands of users and PC builders by shipping us drives that they knew were faulty (as they were suing the chipset maker) but at the same time denying that there was a problem and refusing to recall....... Even though there was as near to a 100% failure rate on MPF and MPG series hard-drives just after the 1 year warranty ran out.

    Oh hangon is that possibly the reason they are one of the lowest ranked hard drive manufacturers and making a loss? Because hundreds of thousands of people DONT have short memories?

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