back to article Next-gen Wii to be launched within three years

Nintendo has begun showing off a second-generation Wii that’ll be officially launched before 2011, according to gaming sources. In a report by gaming website What They Play, “multiple sources in the game development and publishing community” have claimed that Nintendo is currently giving early presentations of its next console …


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  1. DZ-Jay

    Head tracking, please!

    Please, please, puhleeeeeeeeeeeeez! include some sort of Head Tracking VR feature, as demonstrated by Johnny Chung Lee:

    I'd buy it in a heartbeat!


  2. bluesxman

    Wii HD wi' HDD?

    That'd be nice.

  3. Jon Brunson

    Wow, really?

    It must be such a hard job thinking up rumours, hmm now let me think:

    - Wii launched in 2006 + 5 year console cycle = 2011

    - Wii is a HUGE brand for Nintendo, so they wouldn't want to ditch that advantage (Although I'd go with Super Wii, like the Super NES)

    - HD will probably be in over 50% of first-world homes by 2011, but of course it'll still be viewable in SD for those without

    - Storage space only grows over time, so it's VERY unlikely that Super Wii would contain the same, or less storage than Wii does

    - Keeping the brand name Wii means there's a damn good chance it'd play Wii games

    I only hope Super Wii will come with Motion Plus integrated into the Super Wiimotes.

    we need a "rolls eyes" icon

  4. TeeCee Gold badge

    Too complex.

    The only storage related issue I've found on the Wii is the same as that identified in a few recent MP3 player reviews elsewhere here. While you can stick an SD card in for expansion you cannot access this storage directly, only copy things to and from it.

    A Wii populated with lots of savegames and downloads thus becomes an exercise in storage management, manually moving things in and out of the console's own memory (and a bloody slow process it is too, exacerbated by the one-at-a-time-please UI to do this. FFS Nintendo, a move-this-lot-over-here-while-I-make-the-tea option in the next software upgrade please!).

    All Nintendo need to do to fix the thing is allow direct access to the existing card slot.

  5. Mike Dyne
    Thumb Up

    Wii Headtracking

    Yes please! Saw the demo vid ages ago, do want!

  6. Anonymous Coward


    Another small incremental upgrade on the GameCube? Perhaps this one might actually play DVDs...

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Next gen name

    Shouldn't the bigger version of the Wii be called the Puu?

  8. J-Wick
    Thumb Up

    Re: "Next game"

    .... Brilliant. If I had any coffee in my mouth (my full coffe cup is sitting on my desk), I would have sprayed it all over the keyboard...

    Well done!

  9. Anonymous Coward Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    Re: Wow, really?

    "(Although I'd go with Super Wii, like the Super NES)"

    So, surely that'll be SWii then?

    Personally, I'd go with Super Wii High Definition, or SwiiHD (obviously pronounced the sqme as 'swede'). Although I suppose it'd also work without the Super bit, saving that for the 2016 release!

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Groundbreaking News !!!

    I can already confirm that the new Wii will have the following games (Major Headlining News)

    Zelda, Mario Kart, Mario, Wario

    How psychic of me to be able to predict this !

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