back to article TDK tunnels through hard drive areal density record

TDK researchers have achieved an areal density record of 803Gb/in² potentially extending the life of current read/write head technology. The higher the areal density the more data can be packed onto a disk drive. According to reports, TDK hard disk drive (HDD) read/write heads boffins used a disk platter from Showa Denko K K …


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  1. TeeCee Gold badge
    Dead Vulture


    Yesterday afternoon:

    " areal density practice in production HDDs is 378-394Gbit/sq in......."

    ".....cannot continue delivering 50 to 100 per cent or more annual increases....."

    This morning:

    "....have achieved an areal density record of 803Gbit/sq in ......"

    I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    This sparked some interest

    but only because I mistook areal for areola, now data written to boobs would be interesting.

    Paris cos she has small, compact storage.

  3. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    It's not FUD, TeeCee

    FUD has an ulterior motive:

    "Microsoft hints that it might possibly own patents which are core to some very popular Open Source Packages and that anyway Linux is unsecure"

    Honest errors can happen:

    "Bill Gates cannot imagine why anyone would want more than 640K. Evar."

  4. Ishkandar

    @Destroy All Monsters

    It was *NOT* Bill Gates that decreed that nobody will want to exceed the 640K limit. It was IBM in its infinite wisdom that did so !! If I am not mistaken, IBM wanted to top end memory to run their emulation/connection software so that the IBM PCs (remember them ??) could be used as terminals for their heavy iron (PC3270 ??).

    It was (pre-IBM)Lotus-Intel that first attempted to break that limit !! Now everyone has Gbs of ram and no one thinks twice about it !!

    And to think that it was Shugart Associates who first made the hard disks available for small(??) computers and, in the process, invented the Shugart Associates System Interface (SASI) which later evolved into Small Computer System Interface (SCSI), innovation in this field has certainly gone East !!

    Now, it seems that the financial industry will follow suit soon !!

    Decline and fall of the American Empire !! Or should that be "The Empire strikes out" (to use a baseball term) !!

  5. TeeCee Gold badge


    Sorry, but I disagree. It's classic FUD. Fear (oh noes, bigger hard disks is impozzible, where is my pr0n to goes?), Uncertainty (we may get a bit more out of the current tech, but we can't get 50% or 100% per year) and Doubt (there may possibly be some new tech to solve this, but it's unproven).

    All, presumably, based on PR stuff from the HDD boys designed to puff their R&D arms and shown to be doom-mongering (for this coming year at least) by this latest announcement.

  6. Steven Knox


    1. research != production

    2. The earlier article mentioned the same perceived upper limit for TMR as in this article (1Tbit/in^2). TDK's development is well under this limit.

    3. "cannot continue" != "will stop immediately"

    4. Identifying a potential problem != FUD

This topic is closed for new posts.

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