back to article IBM blades and racks get all-you-can-eat VMs

IBM is now offering customers who buy its System x rack servers and BladeCenter blade servers the option of bundling Microsoft's Windows Datacenter Edition. This may seem like hitting a gnat with a cinder block, but it makes sense: Datacenter Edition allows for unlimited virtualization. Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition can …


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  1. Andrew Harding
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    Window's cheaper than Linux

    With Datacenter, Hyper-V and multi-core, I've cut my Windows costs by 90% in 1 year. I don't even need blades. 3850's crammed with memory do just fine and simplify support with scalable I/O, standard drivers, fantastic cooling, and big proc cache. Don't forget hex-core.

    This is by far the easiest and best kept secret. You can even just purchase Datacenter for a VMware host, then all the Window's VM's on that ESX box are free.

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