back to article Ransomware author tracked down, but not nicked

The Russian VXer who created the infamous Gpcode ransomware Trojan has been identified - but an early arrest isn't likely. With cybercrime way down the priority list in Russia, the malware author - known to the police after security firm Kaspersky Labs winkled out a likely IP number for him - is liable to remain at large for …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    IP number?

    Come on, we aren't kids, let's call it by its real name, it's an IP address...

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Welcome to your new job ...

    with the KGB...

    he probably got given the choice of a job or handing over to the usa...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    If they catch him they should try him and put in Russian prison. In UK for example we don't have prisons any more - we have spa houses for prisoners.

    Idea: prison service outsourcing! Save half of cash, keep prisoners outside of Human Rights bullshit jurisdiction and resocialise them at the same time. Properly, they'll never want to go back there again!

  4. An ominous cow herd

    My two cents

    "Our understanding, talking to security experts, is that the Russian constitution make no provision for extradition. So even if the Gpcode varmint is caught, he's very unlikely to face the inconvenience of a prosecution outside Russia."

    Well, well, why should he be prosecuted abroad?

    Or is it because he's russian and not named, lets say, "Gary McKinnon"?...

  5. Tris Orendorff

    Too Bad...

    It's a shame that the old Soviet republic is gone. He or she could have just disappeared and any attempts to find out what happened to him or her would be stonewalled by the authorities.

  6. Mark

    There are over 2000 terrorists

    there are over 2000 terrorists according to the Home Office in the UK.

    Are the UK soft on terrorism?

    Or is it they don't have the manpower to persue?

    Hell, there are war criminals we know and name in the US and the US refuse to let them go to trial. Why is russia given the bog boo? Because they own all our gas?

  7. Francis Vaughan

    Interesting times

    I suspect that life might become pretty, well, interesting for the little creep simply by naming him. When you have a tidy little earner like that it is a good idea to keep a very low profile. Not attract the attention of anyone. Especially your fellow low lives. Those that might feel the need to offer you a deal that can't be refused.

  8. The Reg-ular

    Not Pinch authors

    The two arrested were not Pinch authors, just a couple of resellers who ran some dropzone servers. What happened to these guys anyway? The typical catch-and-release to make a point? See it's still being echoed as an example as Russian law enforcement success in this very article. Some success.

  9. Inachu

    blackmail in russia

    Russia is runamok by cyber criminals and mobs so much that it is a veritable GTA on an every day basis over there. Just by advertising their criminal activities give them leverage over small gangs and thugs.

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